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7 instant paid Faucet site

2 weeks ago bbaspring $0.02 (5.4102 BNTY)

Are you new in cryptocurrency market and want some instant and free coin. I listed Top 7 faucet site which paid instantly. Note: All below given faucet sites instantly paid in micro cryptocurrency wallets coinpot. If you don't have CoinPot join first...

Etherium is miners not bought

2 weeks ago Medicine_man.witchdoctor $0.01 (1.5558 BNTY) A man moved to Russia with his wife and kids. When he got there his wife handed him a gun and said everyone has one here. This was the first gun he had ever held beside a be-be. He thought nothing of it. After a few weeks of the happiest...

10 Ways To Run An Instagram Contests

2 weeks ago Che Kohler $0.02 (5.8296 BNTY)

Instagram has become the social media platform of choice for over one billion users with the majority of them being young consumers brands would like to build a long lasting relationship with that could turn into a lifetime of purchases. Brands and s...

When Vintage Gear meet New Technologies..

2 weeks ago Solar Phasing $0.04 (12.5334 BNTY)

  Hello Music Lovers, :0) I'm now playing a very strange gear on stage with my Alchemic Journey Band. Not everytime, but mainly. Well, when I say "very strange", it's more like uncommon. And where I am in France, people don't use this kind of thin...

Dolla (DLA)

2 weeks ago allojr $0.00 (1.3720 BNTY)

dolla, new criptomoneta that offers online and offline transactions, fast and almost zero costs. Dolla is concluding agreements with some partners for a real adoption in the market. The potential of Dolla is applicable to all types of targets, you kn...

Ghost World by Last Ravage Opinion

2 weeks ago Last Ravage Opinion $0.05 (16.4105 BNTY)

© Music & Lyrics By Last "Ravage" Opinion Every achievement requires effort and determination, there will always be obstacles on the way, nothing and no one can change or undermine the results of continuous, passionate, solid work. ______________...


2 weeks ago Dj-liquidn8v $0.03 (9.0999 BNTY)


Sometimes Jokes Go Too Far

2 weeks ago DavidKingNS $0.03 (10.6435 BNTY)

  Nothing beats boredom better than fucking with other people—and Robert (Bob) MacIntosh was becoming an expert. Rejoining the Canadian Armed Forces in 1984 at 28, after completing his nursing diploma in 1982, he was sent to Canadian Forces Recruit S...

Beyond My Control by The Turtle Project

2 weeks ago turtle $0.04 (11.7247 BNTY)

This is from "My Time" us by listening on the following platform(s) (we earn a small amount of crypto and would appreciate it):Alternatively you can play right here by clicking play (but we...

More apps from 33rd Degree Productions

2 weeks ago Dj-liquidn8v $0.00 (1.0134 BNTY)

Hey everyone. Please enjoy our apps brought to you to make your life simplier.                               ACTIVE PLANET             COPYTIGHT       KNOWLEDGE-SEEKER        MOONAIO(moon-faucets)                                           REFERRALS-2...