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Thermopolis Mineral Hot Springs 2019, part 1 - Wondrous Wyoming

1 week ago Lori Svensen - viking ventures $0.05 (0.0514 DAI)

A couple weeks ago, we went up to Thermopolis, Wyoming, a little over two hours away. (yet the first sizable town in that direction!)We had gone to see friends, and on our way out, we stopped at the famous Mineral Hot Springs for which Thermopolis ta...

EPIC Return on Investment! Soon: SEC Crypto Regulations- 100 XRP Addresses Hacked - 3 Exchanges Down

1 week ago CryptoBitcoinChris $0.13 (0.1280 DAI)

🔸🚀 Join the BEST trading group on YouTube! 🔸🚀🔸🚀 🔸🚀🔸🚀 Crypto Payments Accepted! 6 month minimum 🔸🚀Crypto Discounts: 10% off 6 months or 20% off 12 monthsCrypto Payment Instructions: CryptoBitcoinChris@gmail....


1 week ago Patrickcharles156 $0.02 (0.0215 DAI)

INTRODUCTION TO DABANKING Nice being here once again my fellow guys. I am here just as you to introduce a new project that worth it to you. Though, we have heard of various projects in the past, some of which were so flashy but faded away suddenly,...

The Most Important ETN Announcement! 🤯

1 week ago Electroneum United $1.22 (1.2292 DAI)

Throughout my adolescence I taught my siblings life lessons. For example, I pretended to lose conciousness before my little sister. What was her reaction? Nothing at all. She just stared in disbelief. After a few minutes, I got up and asked her why...

CAS Confirm Chelsea Transfer Ban Appeal Against FIFA

1 week ago chimzycash $0.02 (0.0220 DAI)

It is no longer news concerning Chelsea’s transfer ban issues that has been going on for some time now. As we all know, Chelsea attempts to get the situation resolved have been rejected on several occasions already by FIFA, which has resulted to the...

Eulogies Trail Eterbase – Europe’s Pioneer Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange

1 week ago Gato1 $0.07 (0.0686 DAI)

With the wide range of digital asset trading platforms that are available, you may be wondering about the need to have more of such in the crypto-sphere. The fact is that the numbers aren’t a signal that all is well with cryptocurrency trading platfo...

Droplet - Photo Salvage

1 week ago Lori Svensen - viking ventures $0.03 (0.0327 DAI)

I'm pulling out an old photo of mine - one that I just love because of all my photo salvages, this is my absolute favorite.For some of you, this may be "over-processed" but I loved the overall effect and the final result. Note: all of the edits were...

TXR Soundcloud Weekly Contest Update - 3 days left to submit for Week #77!

1 week ago NewenX $0.03 (0.0296 DAI)

Welcome! We wanted to remind you that there are 3 days left to submit for Week #77 of our Soundcloud Weekly Contest!Have a chance to win a full week of promotion for you and your song! Every week we are receiving Soundcloud song submissions (songs C... - Recommended Crypto Microwallet To Save And Earn

1 week ago PajeeBear $0.04 (0.0407 DAI)

I have already promoted in every platform I'm in. This is because the site has done a very good influence to me in my crypto world journey. Come, join me and sign up for free here : For the newbies who know...


1 week ago NewenX $0.03 (0.0352 DAI)

Hello! I hope you are having a great day! This is my one and only hybrid trap song. It started like a random rap song but I began to get ideas to involve some dubstep sounds in it, so I started to try some stuff here and there, finding samples and it...