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Why Are Exchange Tokens a good investment?

20 Jan 2019 Raichel $0.08 (24.5444 BNTY)

A short history Exchange tokens started to come into prominence around the mid of 2017. Majority of them are categorised as utility tokens with the goal is to give more advantages to the holders. It can be used in exchange for lower trading fees( lik...


20 Jan 2019 JayMe $0.05 (15.3593 BNTY)

Right now is the time to capitalize on the digital currency platform happening all over the world. As a member of Bitclub Network you have an opportunity to participate in our mining pools that allow you to earn daily Bitcoin and other digital assets...

Bear Market Blues? You're in Great Company

20 Jan 2019 BlockchainAuthor $2.47 (754.6321 BNTY)

Did your crystal ball let you down, again? Perfectly timing the crypto market -- or any other market, for that matter -- is impossible. Consider this... $1,000 spread equally across the top 10 projects on January 1, 2017, would've blossomed into $67,...

Will the Gaming Industry be the Catalyst to Mainstream Crypto Adoption?

20 Jan 2019 LindaCrypto $0.10 (31.0340 BNTY)

It is almost difficult to think back and remember prosperous crypto-times where green-candles were a daily occurrence and blockchain projects surged in price to new all-time-highs on a regular basis. It all came to a halt at the beginning of 2018...

ATHENA TRADING BOT - What is it, whom is it for, and what have the results been like?

20 Jan 2019 Joel Kovshoff $0.10 (29.9746 BNTY)

Athena Project is a self-funded small business that focuses on trading solutions for Professional trading communities and new traders entering the market. We chose not to do an ICO as we felt it was scammy to create a token to use the bot, when we w...

The Importance of Governance in a Blockchain OS

19 Jan 2019 LindaCrypto $9.39 (2,864.9977 BNTY)

   Large corporations like Amazon, Google, Netflix and Facebook make their own rules, which is obvious because, just like countries, they have a centralized authority. In a centralized infrastructure, rules and regulations can be implemented by a man...

What to look for in picking a safe and secure crypto exchange to trade?

19 Jan 2019 LindaCrypto $0.11 (34.6159 BNTY)

Security Having secure digital asset exchanges, be it centralized or decentralized, should be one of the main priorities to be able to move forward and grow the cryptocurrency industry to a mature new asset class. The current cryptocurrency interface...

Air-drops for Note Coin

19 Jan 2019 cryptopub $0.05 (14.9500 BNTY)

#noteblockchain #btc #eth #ltc #notecoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #futurecoin #bittalk #cryptocoin   That feeling when you don't know why #BabyHitler is trending on Twitter. Here, take 5,000 Notes and call me in the morning.      

Cryptocurrency Education with CryptoProfile?

19 Jan 2019 Joel Kovshoff $2.01 (612.2614 BNTY)

Crypto Education with CryptoProfile CryptoProfile was founded in October of 2017. The mission the one stop shop for cryptocurrency information, ICOs and how to evaluate them and much more. Max Ng and Co. started with a vision to simplify all that was...


19 Jan 2019 CryptoBitcoinChris $1.85 (563.8450 BNTY)

BTC needs a miracle bounce!Could ETF be approved because of gov't shutdown?TenX Spikes 50%Mobile Games Generate $61bilOverstock's tZERO launches next weekDid Bitcoin Cash Fail?W-2 Employees can now be paid in BitcoinBittrex Hack Attempt?WHY Satoshi...