Uraban Hiking - Castelnuovo Rangone (Northern Italy) - Part. 2 - The John Lennon Park

I introduced the town center of Castelnuovo Rangone in one post of mine


showing the Watch Tower, the church, the City Hall, the main square, and the Bell Tower.

Leaving the center by a quick walk ...


... only some tens of meters...


... it is possible to arrive at the small park dedicated to the well-known singer, songwriter, musician, ... John Lennon. 


There probably are other parks and streets dedicated to the member of the very very famous music group "The Beatles" around the world (either in Italy or abroad, for example in Havana, Cuba), but I think this was the first-ever dedication to him in 1985.


The park is not so much large, but it also has ...


... an arena where it is possible to watch ...


movies and attend concerts, art performances, and other events. 


Near John Lennon Park, there is another smaller one dedicated to "Holden Caulfield" the main character of the well Known novel of  J. D. Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye" that in the Italian translation is known as "Il Giovane Holden" (The young Holden).



All images were taken by me with the smartphone camera.

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Nature tells tales: it is not fiction, it's Nature
Nature tells tales: it is not fiction, it's Nature

Rocks, plants, animals, landscape contain stories

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