Do you remember that cool game?

You remember back to January 2021? The good old days? Back when we all were filled with hope and faith in the crypto gaming space. Weren't those good times? I have written 23 articles about Alien Worlds since then and most of them were filled with hope as well. At some point in life you need to realize the glass isn't half full anymore and it is truly half empty. I think I am finally able to see that now.

When I first started playing Alien Worlds I was excited. I got into it because of a post from the Banano team. They posted about how if you play this game and played on their lands that you had a chance to earn their CryptomonKey NFT's. It was a win win situation for sure. And I would be lying if I said I didn't get a few CryptomonKey NFT's from playing Alien Worlds.

Oh wait, do you guys remember when you could actually mine Alien World NFT's as well? Yeah those days were cool. Then a huge influx of players happened. Then the team turned off the NFT mining. Rumors have circulated that it is turned back on but having not been able to get a NFT for over 7 months now I am led to believe that may not be true or I just have insanely bad luck.

January 18th, 2021, I mined 3 NFT's in one day. It was a fun day. I even wrote a post about it here. I am still using one of the tools I mined that day. You remember how the game used to look too?


And how it looks now?


Back in April when Alien Worlds announced the Teleportation function I made $1,500 in selling off tools and extra TLM. It has been a crazy ride. The Teleporation function was the big update at the time that the team was working on. Based on the teams updates (which were not always consistent) we were led to believe the next big update would be the "ThunderDome". Yeah you guys remember that. It was going to be a battle arena where you could use all those NFT's you collected in Alien Worlds that up until that point served absolutely not use. Unless you count staking on R-Planet when then quickly got turned off. 

Me personally, I have 17 crew cards just waiting:


I also have 31 weapons just waiting for the Thunderdome.


It feels like you can't even give these NFT's away because anyone who knows what they are already has plenty and they are worthless. Alien Worlds was supposed to be the best. It was supposed to be the Crypto DeFi game that brought us mainstream. Maybe that was just my wishful thinking. Alien Worlds did gain mass attention and mass player adoption. Yet once again, a project was not ready for the influx of players.

It is my personal opinion that they team then freaked out with all the new players, and with all the traffic to the blockchain and all the issues that come with that. So they quickly sold their sole's to Binance and partnered up. Binance gave them a influx of cash and the Alien Worlds teams started to focus on Binance related things and pushed the Thunderdome to the side.

I have said this for a long time but without the Thunderdome, Alien Worlds will die a painful death. You can tell a lot about a project about how much it's NFT's are selling for and how much it's in-game currency is trading for. Both of which are terrible. I don't expect a Grey Peacemaker to sell for 50 WAX. But what they are trading for right now is just sad.

It is also my personal opinion that Alien Worlds has lost their chance at redemption. They have gone to long without putting the Thunderdome their top priority. The team has not made meaningful updates to the game to show the player base it is still alive and there is money to be made or even fun to be had. I don't expect people to only play Alien Worlds to make money from it. It is a semi-fun game on the surface. However if there is basically zero chance to make a profit, and a zero percent chance to mine a NFT and all the really good mining gear is insanely expensive then what is the point for a new player to start playing? 

Alien Worlds has shot their shot and they are done for.

Even if Thunderdome was released tomorrow to huge fanfare it wouldn't be enough to save them. Sure they would get an influx of players back. TLM price would increase some but it would not last, because it can't. Too much time has passed since they announced it was a thing till now and there still is no sight of the Thunderdome.

Another huge issue I have always had with Alien Worlds is their messaging. They continue to miss the mark on reaching out to their player base. I get e-mails every so often from Alien Worlds but the e-mail's themselves hold no information. They are merely just links to their Medium articles. There is no notification system in the game itself to show you recent updates. There are links to their Discord and Telegram but ironically not to their Medium site or even a link to sign up for the e-mail list. I don't even know how till this day I got signed up for the e-mails.

If I am a new player and new to crypto I would have zero idea on how to get updates about the game. This is End User support 101 people. It's scary how the team has missed the mark on this so badly.


I write all this not because I hate Alien Worlds, quite the opposite actually. I had a blast playing Alien Worlds LAST YEAR. I made friends from the game, by posting articles about and by talking to people in Discord about it. I made some crypto from posting about it and made some WAX from selling TLM and tools for it. Alien Worlds to me was worth the time. And to that fact I still play the game today. I mine every 12 minutes or so (when I remember) and earn roughly 0.07 TLM per mine. The ONLY reason though that I am still playing is to collect a little nest egg of Trilium in the hope that one day they actually release the Thunderdome and when the price of TLM spikes I can offload everything I have. It is the only reason to play Aliens Worlds in 2022 in my opinion. 

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that mining on Magor 22:1 isn't also a plus. I get free Byron NFT's from there and it is keeping me going. But too much time is wasted now on Alien Worlds so without that I don't think I would still mine for the TLM to maybe sell it one day. If Byron NFT's go away before Thunderdome comes out then I promise you that it will be the day I stop playing Alien Worlds all together.



I do have to give Alien Worlds credit too because they introduced a viewer to see your WAX resources in semi real time. It is a life saver and so nice to have in a browser tab that I already keep open 24/7.


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I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

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