I finally mined some NFTs in Alien Worlds

Today is my 4th day playing the game. And yesterday I mined 3 NFT's and I am so excited. I mined them all from Kavian 4:7 


And all I have is the standard Shovel everyone gets. So getting 3 in 1 day is pretty sweet. The first 2 are pointless at the moment but the 3rd one is money.


Rock Cudge is a weapon that I can't use yet.


Grey Peacemaker is a minion which I also can't use yet.


Standard Capacitor is a mining tool so this one I can use. It has a 75 delay which is okay but for only a 0.5 luck increase it kind of sucks but I love it and am using it everytime I mine now. When I mine with it and the Shovel at Kavian 4:7 the wait is 4 minutes and 50 seconds in between mine jobs. 

Those are my 3 babies and I will always cherish them.

So anyone who is mining and hasn't gotten anything just wait. It is possible! :)

At the start of my 4th day I have mined 84.9909 TLM and I have it all staked at Kavian.

Also in my pervious article I mentioned how I created an excel document with all the lands and their values. If you want to check it out and download your own copy go ahead. It is all info I pulled from The Cabal.






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I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

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