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Make different photos (Part 2): Old Lock in NRW - Germany

By FuThemen | My photo blog | 25 Apr 2020

Hi guys,

some days ago I wrote a article about the "make-different-photos" challenge. A lot of you liked this article, and one User even wrote an answer-article to it. Thanks! 

Today I want to present a second part of this series. I went to an old lock in Henrichenburg a small German city. It was very busy there, since the weather was nice and all people happy to walk their dogs, bikes or partner.

I also did not focused so much on monochrome shots today and also took color images with my Sigma DP1 quattro, which uses a foveon sensor.

So, let's start. First of all, one of those normal shots a passing passenger should have taken with his smartphone, a picture, you will find a hundret times when searching the web for "alte Schleuse Henrichenburg" ("old lock Henrichenburg").


The towers are in focus, everything is clearly visible, this could be a image taken for wikipedia or the local newspaper writing about vandals which have drawn their graffity on the walls... 


But that's not what I want my photos to look like.

So following is a quite lucky shot from todays trip, a falling dandelion seed:


Oh, and yeah, that's the old lock in the background. Lucky furtune...

Next, I went down to the bottom of the old lock and found something on the runway.


This camera flashed me again with the nice colors. For those, who are interested, here is the same image in monochrome:


I cannot decide, which one I like more, the colorful version, or the really nice and crisp monochrome picture, what do you think?

Some steps up again I found this flower, which looks nice in front of ... oh, an old lock, nice!


2a22da9c7ff1e823892163c26b454925ddea0fda3476ee4823829d8f8739b93b.jpegThis mounts where used to tie up the boats to the wall, while the waterlevel was rising or sinking. 

I also like to take photos of tree barks, they always look nice and sharp, they are perfect to test new lenses, but sadly, I don't have a new lens :( But anyway, I took a photo of a tree and found something in the background. Could this be an old lock? 


And the same image with colors:


8200e1034a85434a607688f00b1f9b7378963c7a625b4c5ad4d5329b42ecf096.jpegThis structure in the concrete looks also quite nice. And look, a dandelion! 

Well that's it for today. Which images did you like the most? Do you prefer colorful or monochrome images? Let me know in the comments!

For those of you, which are interested in more of my images, you can find some more on Instagram or Flickr. Also check out part one of this challenge.

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My photo blog
My photo blog

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