Just Friends 's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (16/48)

Just Friends

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I personally didn't like it so much.

To be clear, until now the story of the movie has been split in two different other better movies. So much better. And those aren't really awesome movie, they're just great comedies.

At the begining of the movie, we can see an obese version of a teen Ryan Reynolds singing in he's room. He's humiliated when he wants to hang out with his best friend, one of the most beautiful girl of the High school. Later in the movie he's coming back in town and want to take his revenge to see that now he's fit and rich. That looks a lot like Central Intelligence and Mr. Woodcock

To be honest, if you want to watch "Just Friends" you should instead watch those two movies.

I think this movie is too old for 2022.

This kind of romantic comedy is absolutely cliché. At a moment I felt like in a weird American Pie with only the boring love scenes which are juste here to make you think the movies aren't just about sex. And while I was thinking that, Christ Klein's face appeared on screen.

The saddest side about that here is that the loves scenes are the main plot of the movies and that's boring. From the start to the end of the movie he's saying that he wants to hand out with her because he loves her not to take his revenge, but he's always acting like it is to take his revenge. That's nonsense !

not a nice movie

I don't remember a single background of the movie.
I mean, I have some, but no details. Like if everything was really flat with no personality. That's really strange.

This is one of the ulgiest grown Man Ryan Reynolds. He looks so.. smooth. I don't know, he looks like a doll.

I really feel like in a tv movie. Like they don't have enough movie to do something nice, they are more about making something functional and we'll see later for the rest. And the screenplay is strange too. Most of the character are acting like in a cartoon. I really think this movie would have been better as a cartoon.


I thought I had some good memories with that movie. And while watching it I saw something different. It's not bad but if you are looking for a good movie, a funny comédie or a dramatic love movie, it's definitely not worth your time.


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