My Road to Fitness: Part 2

My Road to Fitness: Part 2

By Plint | My Fitness Road | 21 Sep 2021

So I told you guys last week I am starting my journey to become healthier, fitter and lighter and I would like to share how my first week has been!

The Numbers

It's all in the numbers as numbers don't lie! So this is what I have been up to this week:

So managed to do 9 bike rides (mostly for work), had 4 walks and did 2 workouts in the gym of about an hour each.

When it comes to weight I started at 97kg last week and this morning weighed in again at: 96.6kg so I have lost 0,4kg in week 1.

What went well this week

I am pretty happy with the amount of exercise. I had a cold and was in bed for two days this week and managed to make up for it in the other days with getting enough exercise. I am a bit sore now though haha, might take a rest day tomorrow.

I'm also pretty happy with the weight, it was even less during the week, but no cheating the numbers, I am writing down what it said this morning and a loss of 0.4kg is pretty close to my goal of losing 0.5-1 kg a week, so for a first week it's not too bad!

What I want to improve on for next week

I want to try and do some more steps, I really need to walk more! Also I want to improve my diet next week. I had dinner at work 2 days last week and they were not the healthiest and I had some beers on Friday that made me feel hungover today. So mind my food more and take in the healthy stuff!

So the story will continue, I am happy to still be on the bandwagon to a healthier life. How was your week in terms of your health and fitness?

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My Fitness Road
My Fitness Road

Follow here how I do on my road to a healthier, fitter, slimmer and happier lifestyle. Hope to motive more people to join me and let's do it together!

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