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Making Japanese Style Egg Salad Sandwich for the First Time

With a twist, of course!

For those who know me well enough by now is that I usually will not follow recipe ingredients to the tee, rather if I can re-use whatever I have in my kitchen, I will definitely do so.




And of course, knowing that egg salad sandwich can be a little too overpowering for the elderly, I have switched it a little with more fiber and different types of protein!

Looks good, eh?

Let's see what are the things needed to make this work!

The Ingredients




I was recently blessed with a Korean Luncheon meat, which is less oily version of the usual luncheon (not sure why), and I have decided to turn a usual egg salad sandwich I learned from Gabbie Kook in one of her videos (but I didn't follow her gooey runny yolk style because mom doesn't like it) into a stir fry mushroom egg sandwich with the luncheon meat I have, throwing in 2 fiber ingredients, the mushroom and yellow onion into the mix while at it!




Usually King Oyster mushrooms is pretty expensive (for this side of the world) as they are usually imported; but recently I have spotted a new type of mini versions which is only around 40% of the original price with the same weight, and this definitely serves well with sauté, not to mention with yummy garlic butter!




After all these are finely diced, I have started cooking with the yellow onion with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (looking at the full size of it), then added the mini King Oyster mushrooms while adding another tablespoon of garlic butter just to fragrance it and let the mushroom soak in the buttery salty goodness under high heat.

But careful! Watchout before it gets burnt!

I also added a pinch of brown sugar before adding in the luncheon under medium high heat and kept stir frying until I see all the yellow onions are translucent and the luncheon meat and mushroom is crispy looking (but not burnt)

How to make the eggs?

I actually have an mini egg steamer so I let it run for about 10 minutes in order for the eggs to be cooked just right outside; but if you need runny yolks, you can follow the way how Gabbie did; in boiling hot water, place the eggs in for 6 minutes before taking them out for cold bath.

Time for assembly!

Once the basic underlying ingredient is done, the assembly is a lot easier.




With the mini terrarium still flourishing, getting these fresh greens into the diet is very important for the elderly; and I am blessed to have enough Brazilian Spinach and Red Watercress enough for my parents to enjoy, packed with nutrients, from garden to table.

The Steps




Probably the most unhealthy ingredient in this is the Thousand Island and Kewpie Mayo, but spreading just the right amount does help the whole sandwich hold into place.




Adding a little extra moist (from the hardboiled egg) makes it richer. Can't go too wrong with Kewpie Mayo!




By the time the assembly is done, it should have around 1.5 inches thick (around 3cm), and that is where the tricky part comes in, wrapping it in a butter paper to keep all in place!




What I could say was I struggled a little, but with a tiny bit of creativity, 2 sandwiches are ready to be served; one for dad, and I will share with mom.




Cutting it correctly is also vital, so that the wrapper doesn't fall off!




And here it is! Not only it is presentable, it is also super yummy! Approved by mom and dad!

How about you?

Would you give this style of egg salad sandwich a try?

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My Cooking Journey Review
My Cooking Journey Review

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