My atomic wallet is going crazyyy 🙄


Hello guys, I hope you are all in good health and taking advantage of your lives in a beautiful way.

First of all I just want to share with you that my two previous decisions that I wrote about in the first article and the second article of "Am I making a bad decision series" (LOL), turned out to be GOOD DECISIONS since after my inspirations of doing so, I found out that my wallet value increased a lot after these operations.

I even bought more BNB and BTC which you have seen made a big rise recently 😊

Now I collect more and more crypto from here and there because until now I have no other choices but to HODL. Anyway I am not sad for this, on the contrary I am happy because each day I learn something new and I believe in the future of cryptocurrency.

Second of all I want to tell you about my Atomic Wallet, my wallet is going crazy for the second time, I will show you in pictures how many transactions appeared in my Atomic wallet on a coin I don't even have and for two different dates. I wished these transactions were + instead of - heheheh. This coin is Polkadot (DOT). 




I am not sure if these were trials to steal my money or an internal technical problem of the wallet, anyway I am afraid and I have decided to move my coins and tokens to another wallet.

Plus I want to say that the gaz fees on Atomic wallet are incredibly high!

If you don't have large quantities of each coin or token, you cannot do any action with them, you cannot exchange or transfer because the fees are higher than your coins values.

Here will be the end of my journey with Atomic Wallet, a lot of other choices exsist, this time I will choose one that will suit my needs.


Thanks for reading ❤️

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The Lebanese Girl
The Lebanese Girl

I am a curious girl from Lebanon who likes technology and have decided to explore Cryptocurrency ❤️

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