My C.J. ep. 15 Another Stupid step or not?


Hello guys, I have been away for long time, but today I decided to write to you and tell you what I have done 3 days ago 🙄

So December the 3rd I was checking my wallets and so, then I said to myself why do I have a lot of kinds of coins and tokens and so small amounts in each, why don't I transform all (or whichever I can) into one coin 💡. 



Is it a stupid thinking? Honestly i still cannot answer this question. 

Then I thought which is the coin to transfer to?? 

I loved to have Bitcoin and I didn't have, so I said to myself, I would like to see Bitcoin in my wallet and so I began to trnasform (All in the Atomic Wallet because I don't know how to do otherwise, in the exchanges and so) and do all the combinations (since I have small amounts in each and only two with bigger amounts) to reach Bitcoin! And so I reached! 

I have Bitcoin in my Atomic Wallet 😊



The other factor than my desire to have it since Bitcoin is the king of Crypto, is that in that day or that time I was checking, Bitcoin was down by 1.25% and my BCH for example were 9.21% up and ETH 16.13% up so I said this is my chance, this is how I will make profit, I can transform easily (please don't ask why but I calculated it this way in my head) 😕 

Anyway I would like to take from your experience in this field, do you think I made a wrong step? and why?

Another question I want to ask you, what is the best wallet for keeping Bitcoin? The safest one?

Im so glad to be back 😁

Thanks for reading ❤️


Pictures source: pixabay. 

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The Lebanese Girl
The Lebanese Girl

I am a curious girl from Lebanon who likes technology and have decided to explore Cryptocurrency ❤️

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