My C.J. ep. 12 Stupid step or not?

Since I made the first staking of tezos, I searched for another coin or token to stake because for some reason I liked it.
I saw in the list that there was the AWC and I have 15 of them from when I installed the wallet and I got them by airdrop.

So I went to the staking section in the Atomic Wallet and press AWC the atomic wallet token.
To stake these tokens the wallet required that I should have BNB.
I was trying to buy BNB with the tokens and coins I have but I was not able before since to buy them I needed ETH, so I was always stuck somewhere.

With the integration of ETH in publish0x recently, i started to think ok great I will accumulate some ETH and buy the BNB to be able to stake the AWC to get the yearly yield of +20%.
But with the increase in price of gaz fees, publish0x increased the withdrawal to 1 dollar, which made my mission slower since I need more time to accumulate the requested amount of ETH.

Then I got my BCH from the translation job that I was doing, so I tried to exchange BNB from the BCH and I was able, so I did.

Was it a stupid step I made to exchange BCH to BNB?




I really don't know, but what I know is that I reached my goal.

So when I got my BNB and I got after around 20 minutes, I immediately went back to the staking section and staked my all of 15 AWC.
I felt satisfaction to tell the truth, I don't know why, probably because I reached the goal that was in my mind.




Please tell me I didn't do a wrong step exchanging a good coin with BNB which I know nothing about. 😏

Anyway the amount was not big so I actually have no serious concerns, but it wont be a bad thing to understand if I made a mistake or not for the future I mean.

And why to stake the AWC?
It's because they are sitting there in the wallet doing nothing, so I wanted to invest them, to let them be beneficial in life.

Does anybody knows when the first return will I get?

The difference between them and the tezos is that with AWC I did not chose a business to stake my tokens to.
I have no idea to whom I staked them.🤔

Thanks for reading ❤️


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