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By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 4 Jul 2023

Let's enjoy with #food again. And learning a bit more about #gastronomy. This time about rice, because there are many types of rice, many dishes and recipes, many varieties and options. The Spanish Mediterranean area is famous for different rice dishes, especially the most popular and international one, the "paella valenciana". But there are many more.

I already shared another one here, like my favorite, baked rice, but today we are going with another one that we really like. It has a curious name "Arròs del Senyoret" (in Valencian locale language), "Arroz del Señorito" would be the translation in Spanish, and "Little Gentleman Rice" in English (well more less...).

And why is it called that? Well, they say out there that... when the painter Joaquín Sorolla finished painting on the Malvarrosa beach (in Valencia, Spain) he went to eat and asked that the shellfish be cleaned, peeled and chopped, and that they put it together to rice. So this seafood rice dish was called that, we don't know if it was all derogatory (sir, as if he couldn't do it, he was very delicate or capricious, or simply because of his condition or status).

In any case, it is good and it is indeed easy to eat because it is all peeled and chopped: prawns, cuttlefish, mussels... It is not a very soupy rice, but it is not as dry as paella either, it has a soft touch and is delicious.

Yesterday we didn't have too much time so we made a simple, fast and accelerated version so it wasn't 100% but it was still good. It is only necessary to make a sauce with extra virgin olive oil, onion and tomato, that is basic.

Then the desired seafood is added but without shells or anything, pieces of cuttlefish, mussels, small prawns, etc. also some vegetables, in this case chopped red pepper, it did not have peas, which can also be added. A little sea salt.

Let it cook, and then pour the water over it. And then the cup of rice, "bomb" rice absorbs the flavors more, and you can add food coloring or if you want to avoid something so chemical, you can add turmeric to make it more yellow.

It is left to cook now and everything, it depends on the rush we have, at a more or less intensity. Soon we will see that the rice begins to look spectacular, and it does not take much more.

Good, there are those of us who like to sprinkle a little lemon juice on top later on the plate. Thus, that marine and fresh sensation increases, and it seems that we are eating there like Sorolla (the painter) looking at the Mediterranean Sea.

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