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The world, the life & me
The world, the life & me

The world, the life & me

Un blog polímata sobre diversas materias con una visión curiosa y reflexiva. A polymath blog about various topics with a curious and reflective vision. > Español & English <

Green peppers [ENG/ITA/ESP]

30 Nov 2021 4 minute read 6 comments Duvinca

Green peppers [ENG] Some people like to have plants, or pots of flowers, at home. Seeing something green or colored, feeling something close to nature can have many benefits, both physical and mental, as well as emotional.In addition to cleaning the...

Baby seagulls [ENG/ITA/ESP]

26 Nov 2021 6 minute read 12 comments Duvinca

Baby seagulls [ENG] Sometimes there are days that feel heavy, long, boring, or in which we simply do not feel so good, we notice something that is not going well, our attitude isn't the best. I had things to do or wanted to do things, almost without...

Effort and result [ENG/ITA/ESP]

23 Nov 2021 8 minute read 6 comments Duvinca

## Effort and result [ENG] It is said that you have to work and strive to achieve what you want, but there are times that no matter how much we do, we do not reach our goal, on the other hand, other times, good surprises also come. Normally the resul...

The fifth element [ENG/ITA/ESP]

20 Nov 2021 5 minute read 12 comments Duvinca

The fifth element [ENG] We all know the four classical elements of ancient Greece: water, air, fire and earth.Elements of nature that the ancients already knew, and are also related to different philosophies and beliefs, from Buddhism, Ayurvedic or C...

Summer memories

16 Nov 2021 4 minute read 17 comments Duvinca

Summer memories [ENG] I walk fast, the sun blinds my eyes, the rays illuminate everything, I feel warm, the air is fresh and the sensation is pleasant. Before I know it, the air is different, it smells different, it's air with a salty touch, and the...

Coinbase Wallet browser extension

9 Nov 2021 1 minute read 14 comments Duvinca

Did you know this? Coinbase exchange users can access their wallets now on desktop through a standalone browser extension, bypassing the need to confirm transactions on their smartphones. And it implies also the use of decentralized apps and more. No...

The non-protagonists of the history

9 Nov 2021 2 minute read 12 comments Duvinca

Archeology, it is fascinating to be able to dig into our past and unearth treasures and knowledge. And another relevant news arrives, in this case it is Pompeii again, you know, the fascinating Roman city submerged in the ashes of the Vesuvius volcan...

Noise.Cash: Is it still making noise?

2 Nov 2021 5 minute read 21 comments Duvinca

Well it seems that there is no longer so much noise in Noise.Cash, something seems to have changed, for those of you who are registered there, have you noticed? Or have only some of us felt that so much updating has disadvantaged us? Have only some p...

Sun & shadow

19 Oct 2021 1 minute read 16 comments Duvinca

The same place, but different light, different vision, different sensation... You choose what you prefer, you choose if at a certain moment you want to change or stay as you are, or if at the end you go up those stairs and leave. Everything can have...

Dreamed palace

14 Oct 2021 1 minute read 12 comments Duvinca

And if we daydream, with another story, in another time and in another distant place... A place from a fairy tale, or exotic legends or a tale of the thousand and one nights. A maharajah palace and an oriental garden on an enchanted island that float...