A Fusion Carrot Cake!

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 20 Mar 2023

Hello! Something sweet and nice? Surely we have all heard of the famous carrot cake, many of us have even tried it, because it is very good. And well, why not in addition to the classical big cake, I think we can also make a simpler and faster cake, using this healthy and versatile ingredient, the carrot.

I have done tests to see if a rich recipe would come out, mixing ingredients from one version and another, because there are many versions and sometimes it happens that one has ingredients that we like more and others less, or perhaps we do not have any left and we substitute another. Because cooking is creating and creating is creativity, and also originality. Mixing good and tasty products if we don't do it too badly, something good to enjoy will come out. And like everyone else in life, it takes practice, that is, trying more than once, doing it again, making tweaks and improvements and perhaps in this way we will achieve a unique and special recipe, ours.

That is where I am and this is what I have done. A fusion carrot cake.

To do it I have looked at ingredients from different recipes and I have made a fusion, hence the name of my recipe. But in general, approximately it obviously has:
100gr. or three carrots, 2 eggs, 200gr. oatmeal, 20ml. of milk or vegetal milk, 100gr. of butter, 80gr. brown sugar (any sugar or sweetener you use), a pinch sea or pink salt, an individual packet of yeast, a small spoon of baking soda, 50gr. nuts and spices such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

The first thing to do is peel and grate those carrots, then in another bowl we add the flour, a pinch of salt and beat the eggs and add them, we are actually adding all the ingredients to the mixture without further ado. And we are beating the dough that is forming. Normally that's how cakes are, it doesn't have much of a secret.

There isn't much more complication either, whoever wants can add bits of chocolate or blueberries, anything you think can improve the recipe, and take it to another level, it's all about experimenting. And if not, it's that simple.

Only the oven part would be missing, so first we need to smear the container with butter and then about 35 minutes depending on the power of each appliance, at about 200º. Just wait while we enjoy that warmth in the kitchen and that homely smell that spreads throughout the house. Ideal for a winter day.

Now more patience because you have to wait for it to cool down, and cut it however you want, and also accompany it with whatever you want, a glass of milk or hot chocolate, or vanilla ice cream! What we like best, that's what making these delicious recipes is about, enjoying things we like and sweet and tasty moments.

Thanks for reading! Have a sweet and delicious day.





The text is mine and the photos too ©Duvinca

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