Brave and there lack of caring for the rest of the world!

Brave and there lack of caring for the rest of the world!

By dvs007 | minehunter007 | 15 Sep 2019

Am I the only one that's about done with Brave?
Brave has been promoting that people will earn BAT.
Months later, I have yet to be rewarded.

This picture is from my Brave browser.


I've read into this and only USA, France, Germany and Australia are able to earn!
While the rest of us make money for them and we get nothing as a result.

I've been seeing a lot of people getting upset and who's going to blame them?

We've need promised another crypto earning option but as you well know they aren't at all.

Well, I think it's about time we start dumping it hard and fast because then they'll respond.

There's no explaining on there part ( as far as I know ) and a good deal of people in here and
other sites make profits on these posts which is also messed up. They promote something
that almost no one can profit from. 

And I've addressed these posts with comments and they didn't do much to help at all.

As long as they get paid who cares about all the rest!
Well I do!

So brave come here and explain why you failed so many people over the last year now!

I dare them to come say, we're working on it!

Fun fact, I added Brave Rewards. Where's mine?

Hope you'll all have a great week and it's looking good for alts at the moment some movement my happen soon. 
I think we'll have a crazy end of year and lot's of profits to be made.

Let's hope!

Brave video!

Couple of ref links from me, if you wanna help out! 

Never start betting but there's a free faucet there, and you can claim btc, eth, eos and many others, TXT is the one you need for staking there. Betting with your free faucet earnings in the end might help get you a good deal of TXT mined and so you can grow slowly without hurting yourself.
super easy to set up, all you need is e-mail if you're planning of keeping it. That's mainly for withdrawals, tipping and recovery of your password or account if you happen to clear your browser of move to a new one. 

Also multi account's are allowed so you can go nuts on this site.

Pretty much the same, you can collect and I would advice you to use Lynx wallet if you're not very familiar with these things. Or ask help!

Kinda a weird one but it's worth the little effort too

Cointiply beta.

Your Referral Link

If you ever see not secure, just remove the ptc in the address. sceenshot of what it looks like
and now I'll just remove that ptc and you'll see it'll be fine. nothing to worry about! .

Now I have one that really is interesting but takes forever to get anywhere, so you gotta be able to grind hard on this site to earn good.  I started good but because of the lack of time I have had, it's kinda been very close to being dead for me.

I'll get back into it when I have all my other stuff in order. I hope!

Cheers and thanks for reading and possibly helping me earn some little extra. Bye!

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