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New Cryptocurrency Coin called Burn...Fictional!

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For far to long have people been allowed to create new crypto/tokens.This has to stop and I believe someone should create a type of crypto/token that allows people to burn anything relevant, I believe that this will createa balance that's needed for...

Telegram BTC Faucet v6 bot And EthBitcoina scam or legit?

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I ran into one of these before, Do not invest in it!I would like to post my ref and see how far their proof is going to take them in this post. I will guess  and dare to say not very far. GENERAL INFORMATION User: DavidBalance: ฿0.00009561Account Typ...

Einstein Exchange and Bithoven Review

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Einstein Exchange!Once again a site that seems to be targeting outsides! with outsiders I mean not in the states. I did some airdrops and ran into this site as well. It's been about 2 months ago I think.It took them forever to get my account verified...

Brave still not active outside of the States.

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(new update about this below read it)I'm from Belgium, and I've used Brave pretty much since I ran into it.Never have I ever gotten a single token.This is making it possible for them to grow outside of there value by using people like me.Brave should...

Cryptocurrency upward trends. 4 massive reasons why!

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I find it funny that people rely on this information. (comment please I want to know what people think, thank you. Also there's a link to a post on here about .... so please check that out if you want to talk to me on the comment I've made there abou...

Dapps with Tron

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I invested in tron trust (link to the dapp review) After investing, there was a big issue with someone that tried to change the owner of this contract.Because of this my investment and the investment of a lot of people got lost in the process.Now if...

History lessen! (personal thoughts)

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1st of all, I am not looking into the history. This is just me and my recollection of how BTC came to be what it is now!This post isn't just about BTC, it's about all the crypto out there and the idea that new crypto is suppose to be worth something...