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Earn on ChainZ Arena's blockchain game.

2 Jul 2020 3 minute read 0 comments dvs007

Hello again,  This post will be about earning crypto, depending on the fraction you'll choose.You'll only ever be able to withdrawal from your account with either eth, eos andor trx. Now most people would pick trx although it's in my opinion a shit c...

ChainZ_Arena review.

30 Jun 2020 6 minute read 2 comments dvs007

Hey, crypto people!So if you have around 100 to 300 dollars to invest. Best way to earn will be added!If you have 300 to 600 dollars to invest. Kinda the same thing although you'll be able to mine within no time if you stake your souls! Awesome right...

Gigabet's 2nd review.

6 Feb 2020 4 minute read 0 comments dvs007

Hello everyone and welcome to my post! Welcome to Gigabet, where you never have to depo to play but it's limited of course.   1st of all I want to say that betting and gamblingsite's are pure evil and a good way to make your crpyto ballance de...

MyProfitLand seeking support

2 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments dvs007

Hello and welcome to this incredible game. To start earning we need to do work twice a day so from top click on 'Activities' then click on 'Work'. You will find there are 6 sections of work. You may choose any type and start working on them.  ...

MegaRaindrops @GigaBet!!! Sort of review ^_^

30 Nov 2019 1 minute read 2 comments dvs007

1st off mega rain, rain. people can add rain drops and you can even get chests to open all in chat.Fee's are high but as long as you don't depo you can make withdrawals within a day or two if you are use to betting games.https://www.gigabet.com/r/min...

Captain Bitcoin is back and fully up and running! Come earn daily!

17 Nov 2019 1 minute read 8 comments dvs007

https://www.captainbitcoin.io?mwr=minehunter0071904 I'll update the amount of people joined and if I win, I'll pick one or two people out of the commentsmade on this post.   It's still a bit unclear what's going to happen but no depo's just making bt...

Wolf.bet review. Free one time 5 dogecoin and 3 from 7day-streak!

3 Nov 2019 3 minute read 2 comments dvs007

I just started and I'm shocked it only has a small about of people online. I do understand betting games are a far from good place to be at, howeverI've started today and got 5 free dogecoin another 3 from the 7 Day-Streak.If you somehow manage to lo...

No longer getting payments .... Mybitcoin City, the game promo is here.

18 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments dvs007

https://mybitcoin.city/register.php?aff_code=KWFZAYNLTUThis is my city and you can see it was done fast by mailing them my username.Just help my referral please, if I can I'll try to pick a winner by the end of this year. I will not say what the rewa...

Daily airdrop for eos wallet. Do not miss out on this!

18 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments dvs007

Proxy4nation is all you need to knowUpvote them and claim.Rewards are going up daily I've been noticing that since I've been collecting this for a while now.I'll show you how much cpu I have from them as well.   Thi is the proof, you see there's 47 e...

Keybase airdrop review.

17 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments dvs007

Keybase is a sort of twitter but much much more in the end you'll have to check it out. this is either a scam or a hacktool.Either way rewards of this are November the 15th so you either join or don't. I'm already in, I had to install this app onmy p...


WhatsAround App : Earn Ethereum (ETH) for taking and rating photos

19 Sep 2020 BtcSapiens

20 September 2020
I was thinking the same lol

MyX Network Smart Contract Exploits Found

23 Aug 2020 LiteLiger

28 August 2020
https://etherscan.io/address/0xdf44a80c17813789f60090638827aeb23698b122 Check this out out XD this looks to be a scam as well. Maybe you can do one for this too?

Litecoin Price action and story brought to you by new cat narrator Mochu

26 Aug 2020 Greenchic

27 August 2020
All the cat pictures make this so worth it lol

Innovation in the NFT Gaming Space - $BRGR Token

21 Aug 2020 DeCryptolorian

23 August 2020
I'm playing this game and without land it sucks ass, massive lags and issues. and they're pretty much robbing people blind as well. Not a game for people to make money on unless you bought land and sold it already as some have made money this way, other then that this game is a waste of time!

Looking at Bitcoin Adoption & Use Cases

14 Aug 2020 CryptoFinally

16 August 2020
I love it, when more and more people join. Thanks for doing all of this for the crypto world, you ladies rock ;)

How I Earned $124 on Publish0x Over 5 Months

14 Aug 2020 FarewelltoMinds

14 August 2020
Just trying to help ;) didn't mean to be rude or something. Just was a bit confused lol

How I Earned $124 on Publish0x Over 5 Months

14 Aug 2020 FarewelltoMinds

14 August 2020
Dude, you're showing 124 dollars for a week in that picture!

BAT stash not increasing? Increase it for free!

29 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

29 July 2020
Kinda like to know myself ;)

BAT stash not increasing? Increase it for free!

29 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

29 July 2020
It's not free if you have to stake them Sir! Kidding :p

Sportbet.one & Wink.org | Weekly Dividends Report

27 Jul 2020 costanza

28 July 2020
Guy, get into souls :p

A Real-World Crypto Hunting Game: Banano World (Brussels, July 18th)

5 Jul 2020 banano

07 July 2020
Stay at home people ffs. we don't need more problems lmfao

Earn Bitcoin

6 Jul 2020 Jesyan

06 July 2020
I'll sign up to support you ;)

02 July 2020 Betting Tips

2 Jul 2020 betebet

02 July 2020
I tipped you come tip me lmfao

ChainZ_Arena review.

30 Jun 2020 dvs007

01 July 2020
Я рад, что вы согласны, извините за все ошибки. Я был очень высок, когда написал это.

The Rise and Fall of NEO

13 Jun 2020 reedyzzx

14 June 2020
https://prnt.sc/szl23y give me back 10% lolz

What to play: top blockchain games of 2020

12 Jun 2020 World Crypto

13 June 2020
https://www.chainzarena.com/game/ ur missing out buddy

EOS Dividends: how to claim?

12 Sep 2019 Trust Dice

11 June 2020
what eos devs? are you joking? it's turned into a btc and usdt dev pool you forgot to say no one is losing anymore eos on your shit site!

2nd TXT unlock for the Trustdice Team

8 Aug 2019 Trust Dice

11 June 2020
ripping people off still?

Day 5 : from 0 to 1 Bitcoin - the trustDice experiment recap

8 Jul 2019 julien

11 June 2020
lmfao, trustdice bahahahahahahahahahahaha

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MyX.Network Scam Goes Deeper - Bitboy, WendyO & Other Influencers Involved?

22 Aug 2020 4 minute read comments LiteLiger

MyX.Network Scam Goes Deeper  Since my last article, bunch of new evidence has surfaced regarding MyX.Network and even after this video new things happened. Check out the previous release for the background info. So where to get started,there is so...



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