The NFT showdown! Doctor Who, Byron's zombi cats, Tribal Books and CryptomonKeys!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 17 Mar 2021

Byron and the zombi cats

Byron is my new favorite NFT artist. His drawings are cool, and his zombi cats are even cooler.


My competitive side made me step up to the challenge and I am considering to zombify Milky whenever I will have some days off. Don't know when this will happen as the Publish0x Presearch writing competition is currently on and this will take priority.


Meanwhile I keep adding zombi cats in my collection, and trying to learn from the best. More zombi stuff can be found on AtomicHub and not financial advice, but this may be a good investment for the future.


Doctor Who Worlds Apart

I can't help myself and opened another Doctor Who Worlds Apart pack. We know that "curiosity killed the cat" but this is not a bad thing, as Byron can quickly bring it back as a NFT. I added a Time Lord President pack to my collection, containing 10 cards with Time Lord President frames. I bought it with Pandaks and I didn't open it (yet!).


I keep logging every day for my pandak reward. If you don't know, Pandaks are free tokens that can be used to buy packs. Details about how to earn free pandaks and get free packs in the "BBC enters the NFT Arena: Doctor Who Worlds Apart" article. What do you think about my new cards?


📢 ⚠️ 🚨 Spoiler Alert 📢 ⚠️ 🚨 CryptomonKeys Giveaway and more!

Did you see the latest Bull Monkey and Bear Monkey? Do you own one? Either way, you can get one over the weekend. Until then keep up to date CryptomonKeys on Twitter or the website.

I opened a Tribal Books Legendary pack and got some nice cards from it. However, this project is too quiet and never got a reply or feedback from them over the last months. They were very active when the pack sale was one and mute after, which makes me feel that this is another project like RPlanet, that cares about money not about players.

I decided to put all my Tribal Books cards on the AtomicHub market and get some WAX. This move will increase my WAX stash and I can look into other projects, more user friendly and sociable, such as KOGS.


Already decided to farm aether and sell it for WAX as this game is constantly reducing the rewards and comes with more Pay2Win addons. The RPlanet pig is money driven and doesn't care about players or gameplay.


I am farming 787.4 aether per hour, which will generated 19,685 aether in a day. At 0.000118 WAX per aether, the daily reward will be 2.32 WAX. I consider this as a source of residual income as I plan to stash WAX for the days when will finally added to Coinbase or Binance. You can sell your aether on Alcor


Crackers Meet the NFT artist series

My friend Crackers started his series of interviews with NFT artists called Meet the Artist. You can find interviews with the above mentioned Byron and Tricks and with the one and only SoggyApplePie, the beautiful mind behind the CryptomonKeys.

SoggyApplePie  -

Byron -

Tricks -

The NFT Challenge! 

I was challenged by TrocProcLock in a side contest to the Publish0x Presearch writing competition. Whoever wins more money from the contest will win the wagered NFT. This includes only the prize from the competition, including any additional random prize from the Twitter giveaway. 

A challenger has inserted a coin to take on the Meme master - what a great comment from Mercurial. Crackers predicted handbags at down. Everyone knows that I cannot decline a challenge so ... the game is on! Shall we complete a [puzzle] or play chess as well?


My NFT for the competition is the Dirt Bear from MikeTricks collection, and I compelled @Robertoit and @Mynima to join the challenge. The winner takes them all. Are you interested to join? Let me know in the comments.



Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch




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