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Banano Telegram Tipbot and New Groups Launched! Get free BANANO at the launch party!

2 days ago banano $0.26 (79.1962 BNTY)

We have just officially launched our BANANO Telegram Tipbot, and also new official BANANO Telegram Groups in several different languages! You’ll find the list of all new groups further below. Join us for the Tipbot Release party! Everyone is welcome!...

Kalium - BANANO's mobile wallet is now also on iOS - Join the release party and get free BANANO!

5 days ago banano $0.07 (22.8879 BNTY)

Just released today: The iOS final built of Kalium, BANANO's mobile wallet which already was released for Android in fall 2018. Continue reading, try the app and find out how to get some free BANANO easily. You'll see this is the slickest app you hav...

A Brief Introduction into Banano and its Free Crypto Distribution through Faucet Games

1 week ago banano $2.24 (689.9773 BNTY)

BANANO now also has found its way to Publish0x, so here's a brief introduction: What BANANO is, and why you should have a closer look. What is BANANO? In short, BANANO is a feeless, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology distrupti...