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Splinterlands tests and chests - Sailing through the seasons

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 23 Sep 2022

Last month I was wondering if the new reward system is more beneficial to OG's and I still don't have a conclusion.  The seasonal focus will accumulate throughout the season for chests, while the daily focus will maintain the mission type system. You will earn daily focus only if you use cards/splinters according to the requirements. I do well sometimes, but when I get 1 RP per win ... how to progress through the ranks?


I feel it's really painful until Silver, when the RP per win gets better. The highest season reward in July was 28 chest, with 27 of them booked with few hours before the end of the season. With the old system, I was usually getting 9 or 12 seasonal reward chests.


Pushed a bit more in those hours for another chest, and got 9 cards and one Chaos Legion pack from 28 unwrapped gifts. The DEC rewards where low but at least I got a fresh batch of Legendary Potions.


Buying cards from the market can't be compared with the joy of opening packs. This is one of the best so far, with the legendary Legionnaire Alvar and the epic Grund as rewards. Alvar is really legendary, and his stats and abilities makes him a bad-ass tank.


However, Grund has become a more used card then Alvar... mainly because I play lots of battles with the Earth Splinter and Obsidian.


August was a better month, with a different approach and even better rewards. I farmed hard, battled with a ruthless style and earned 37 reward chest. Only four rare cards and nothing above, few potions and a bag of dark energy crystals.


The next season I couldn't match the performance, and earned 22 seasonal chests. The gifts inside the chests where poorer as well, the epic Lava Launcher and much too many alchemy potions.


Sometimes doesn't matter how many reward chests you have to open, but how lucky you are. I opened 22 chests and the Lava launcher was the only above average card. 


Sometimes is better to focus on the daily focus, and fly through the daily rewards. One of the best runs last month was with the Water Splinter, as they are right when saying the abyssal waters of Azmare are brutal and violent. Climbed the focus ladder and reached 15 daily chests, while the season reward barely reached 4 reward chests.


One year gone already? The SPS airdrop finished and the market price is as low as 0.056 USD. A whole year of drops and feels like most of the rewards were quickly dumped when the price was higher. However, I plan to HODL my hard earned SPS! I have 1,307 tokens staked and I am earing rewards at 35% APR.


The best part of having staked SPS is receiving voucher rewards! I send them to Hive Engine every time I have a full unit, and convert them to hive. The next step is to buy Chaos packs and boost my battle deck.


I have a question for hardcore players... does a 14 HP Ant Miners count as an OP monster? I prefer the Miners instead of a 2 mana ranged unit, as this card can delay the attacks on the casters/ranged units. The 14 HP was reached thanks to the Equalizer battle-rule, but is still impressive!


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