Splinterlands Battle Challenge - The Radiated Dude from Chernobyl

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 2 Apr 2022


This dude looks like he was born only few hundred miles away from Chernobyl ... Ohhh... wait ... that's me! I was born in the Summer of '86 only 200 miles away from the Nuclear Power Plant. Something similar happened in the Splinterlands and Radiated Brutes emerged from the residuals!


The legend says that the blight twisted and mutated both land and creatures. Fauna and flora become evil, as fungus sprouted from vegetation and animals grew in size and limbs. People where next in line, as the corruption came with illness and darkness.

Some said that it was Doctor Blight, others that the gases from the volcano, but no matter the cause ... people mutated. Those that survived grew stronger and become powered by an uncontrollable rage. This is how Radiated Brutes were "born"!


This Chaos Legion monster from the Fire Splinter costs 5 Mana. It comes with the Reach ability, 5 health points, 2 melee attack and 1 speed. It will gain Enrage at level six.


I play Fire Splinter often, and this card is decent option for Off-Tank and a cheaper but slower replacement for Fineas Rage. I upgrade it to level 3 and now my Radiated Brute has 6 health points and 2 speed.


Not enough Life for this level of radiations! Today's Splinterlands Battle Challenge brings a Fire v Life duel. I had to make a strong but small team due to 21 mana cap with normal battle-rules.

Line-up and tactics:

Strong tank that will reduce the damage, off-tank with reach to damage the enemies since round one and sneak attacks to eliminate healers or casters.

Tarsa: +1 melee and + 1 Health

Living Lava - Main tank with Shield

Radiated Brute - Melee with Reach

Tenyii Stiker - Melee with Sneak


My opponent opted for a Life team based on the Shieldbearer with Taunt, supported from behind by armor repairs from the Scavo Hireling for armor repair. The Gargoya Scalper was set in the front to delay direct melee attacks on the Shieldbearer.

Was an admirable tactic but the Gargoya didn't managed to survive Round 1. As the fight continued, all the rage of my team focused on the Shieldbearer.


... and three rounds later it was finally down! Now was time to clear the table, even if the Striker was collateral damage. Lava and radiation against the remains of the opponent's team.


Was a One-Way battle after this, even if I miss two hits on the Harpy. The Brute is a brute and will do what brutes are expected to do... a strong hit and it's game over. See the full battle here!


The apocalyptical changes brought by the launch of the Chaos Legion reshuffled my teams and tactics. With the chance for top cards in each pack, I decided to splash the tokens I accumulated from battles and referrals on packs. Check the amazing card drops in Boosting my Splinterlands deck - Opening 10 Chaos Legion packs



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