Publish0x Community Interactive Post: How to spend 10 BUSD?

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 7 Jul 2020

Good morning friends and foes!

I have 10.04  Binance USD from the cashback campaign which just finished on Binance and I have no clue in what to invest them. I need your help to decide so please comment give me your opinion why I should chose a certain coin.0bde488e88d92255940d94d164ba23c0a66d55d0c568b321aef3c55374125bbb.jpeg

As Tuesday is usually boring I was thinking to spice it up and ask for community help and advice. I will update the post frequently and after one the day, with your help, I will decide where to splash the cash. I want to invest in a new, fresh and with a bright future so let's exclude the current top 5 coins.434a678777b583869279f2d76bf246bb3abd38baf0265d314762b0a103f9b4e4.jpeg

I feel quite glad that this idea was catchy, as I was a bit afraid no one will engage and I will end up disappointing. By now the feedback is positive and is time for the 10AM updated and a Pie Chart. Link has climbed on top of the recommendations board, while VeChain and Zilliqa had one mention. All three "because everyone talks well of them and they will definitely have a bright future" according to the expert in politics Cosmin


1PM update, and a new recommendation added to the list. Elrond "is a Romanian project backed by Binance, and will have the mainnet ready at the end of July. Staking is bigger than 20%" as stated by Heruvim78.


At the 5PM update Elrond came level with Link on the top spot. Lets see how the race will finish!c2fcaa810e5a161a3f100faccef5ba5b36af79cfa35d370dd91ed75a4746b005.jpeg


Links and refarrals:




Atomic Wallet

Celsius Network

Quality Faucets:

Horizen (ZEN)


Stakecube (claim over 20 coins daily)

The Crypto Faucet (SioCoin, Verge, Doge) (DASH)

MoonBitcoin.Cash (Bitcoin Cash) (Doge) (Litecoin) (BTC) (BTC)

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