Publish0x & Kucoin: How to withdraw and manage your P0x earnings

Publish0x & Kucoin: How to withdraw and manage your P0x earnings

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 11 Mar 2021

9299ac6da42c2b1618821485c49130aba64a0545521b32c39b19e21643ea699f.pngI am getting close to my 365 on Publish0x and I started planning the celebration. I enjoyed every single day on this amazing crypto agnostic platform where both the authors and the readers can earn! Even if the above sentence sounds clear and simple, I still feel the need to break it down! Crypto agnostic means that the users can earn a variety of tokens, readers from keeping a share of their tips while the authors from being tipped by readers. I really like the Publish0x NFT created by TrocProcLock


The tipping system has three cryptocurrencies integrated: Ethereum (ETH), Ampleforth (AMPL) and FARM by Harvest Finance. All of them are ERC-20 tokens and the withdrawal must be in a compatible Ethereum wallet. The payments are made via smart contracts and the wallet must be able to accept them. The Publish0x recommended wallet is MyCrypto Wallet, but Metamask, Trust Wallet or Atomic Wallet are also compatible. The recommendation is for a self hosted wallet where the user holds the key for his ERC-20 tokens.

Wallets can be added from the Settings > Wallet tab in the username dashboard. The user can request one payout request per token and a new one can be requested only after the payment was completed. As all tokens are ERC-20 therefore the same Metamask, Trust or MyCrypto Wallet address may be used for all the withdrawals. Do NOT use a wallet address from any exchange as this may result in losing the assets. 


The next payday for Ethereum, Ampleforth and FARM is on the 15th of March. The minimum withdrawal is $2 (0.00126460 ETH, 1.89 AMPL and 0.0081 FARM). The latest announcement recommends users to hold on from asking for a withdrawal before the 10th of March as exciting news are coming. If you want to learn more about the Publish0x tipping tokens feel free to read rth Academy of Excellence: Ampy's School of Peculiar Children

Ethereum: burning bright and majestic as the Phoenix does!


My personal recommendation is to withdraw your tokens once a month. In case you don't know, Publish0x pays for the transfer fees and sometimes (or most of the times) this is higher than the amount sent. The withdrawal request will be approved and the tokens will be sent after. The transactions can be checked via Etherwallet.


One of the issues some are having with their ERC-20 tokens is that they will not appear automatically in the wallet and they must be added as custom tokens. I will show an example on Metamask but the process is identical on all other Ethereum Wallets.

The contract address for $FARM is 0xa0246c9032bc3a600820415ae600c6388619a14d and can be found at:


The contract address for Ampleforth is 0xd46ba6d942050d489dbd938a2c909a5d5039a161 and can be found at:


Copy the contract address and head over your Ethereum Wallet. FARM and Ampleforth can be added by clicking the "Add token" button.


The contract address must be pasted in the "Custom Token" section and the Token Symbol and Decimals of Precisions will be completed automatically after the token contract address is added.


At the end of the process, the token will become available in the wallet list. The token is in the wallet even if it is not showed in the list.


KuCoin Partnership

If you noticed the message from the payment page, recommending to hold withdrawals and wait for good news, than probably you seen Igor's announcement about the Publish0x partnership with KuCoin . This comes as an alternative for holding the Publish0x assets, a more flexible option than in non-custodial wallets and an escape from ridiculously high ETH gas fees. NOTE: Withdrawals to KuCoin are not available yet and this information purpose is only to promote the news!


I can bet my shitcoins that 90% of the P0x users don't even think about the fees paid to send some minimal amounts of FARM, Ampleforth or Ethereum. For your general information, Publish paid 13.921739416 ETH in gas costs in February, at todays price is equal to $25,632. Now please be mindful before withdrawing $2 worth of crypto just for the sake of withdrawing. 

Publish0x always goes above and beyond and for the two weeks they will add an extra 10% bonus for all the withdrawals to KuCoin . If you already requested a withdrawal and you want to cancel it and chose the KuCoin option, you can write to for amazing support.

Why this partnership is an upgrade? Because after the implementation, the withdrawal of Ampleforth and Ethereum will be possible each monday and the limit will be reduced from $2 to $0.5 worth of AMPL and ETH. The FARM tokens payout remains the same.


If you still wish to withdraw your Amplefort and Ethereum on-chain, than please note that the minimum withdrawal value will be increased to $5 and the payout will happen only once per month. At the moment my only assets are 1 KuCoin Share (KCS) and 0.478 USDT but my KuCoin treasury will grow after the next P0x payment.


I personally don't use KuCoin as much as Binance but by the look of it and because of this partnership, it will  be used more often! If you don't have a KuCoin account feel free to use my referral link: Open a KuCoin account! or use the code 83sde4




Publish0x & Kucoin Partnership - by Igor Tomic

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Ethereum: burning bright and majestic as the Phoenix does!

Open a KuCoin account! or use the code 83sde4

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