The Ampleforth Academy of Excellence: Ampy's School of Peculiar Children

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 10 Jan 2021

Dear Publish0x community, I am back from my holidays! Hope you enjoyed my increased tips, the Twitter rebase guess and the meme competition. 52cf554028a22162eedbd62dfade10f9f35fd8ac39f51d80ec34d38a98a9272a.jpeg

I am Ampy Forth, the son of Aaron Forth and Anna Forth. I was born in Ampleforth village, in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Since childhood, I invested a lot in AMPL, but the value stayed the same. Every winter, I met Publish0x users, coming to my village for the festive period. They always had great discounts. As a child, I couldn't understand why they were spending their hard earned tips to book a room at the Catholic Boarding School. Now I know, and I am horrified knowing that the holiday package had room service and a personal monk! 9094a2e8eb18f459642ff2e2e075ff8923656ac765da8a611a88d2b9e7408295.jpeg

I wanted evolve, and I left my village  to travel the world, trying to help as many as possible. I am still running the Publish0x tipping system, making people happy rebase after rebase but as I grow older, I need a bigger and more challenging task.5637c8baa1635ad4b401f0ad2c8aea757fdeaf64021a881db692da5562172d65.jpeg

As a Publish0x HOT (Head of Tipping) I organized many events, sharing an avalanche of AMPL to the community. This is how I discovered my affinity towards holiday, teaching and education. I started to analyze what kind of job will suit me better.544ac23192a6b910d1b6b97d427a5be935157d56c5e14d3173e5d14f2c37c1e0.jpeg

Back from my trip around the world, I wanted to rejuvenate the Ampleforth Tourism Sector, promoting Ampleforth as the best winter destination, highlighting the "flexible deals". This didn't bloomed as I expected. Apparently the world is still horrified by monks and clowns!4f5ff6f678cbfe67503fc38cb32268a251a2f73475a63612f6e2c54a996ea021.jpeg

When the mayor seen the Publish0x HOT in my Curriculum Vitae, he appointed Head-Teacher and "Líder Máximo" at Ampleforth College. I was given unlimited power to use my flexible "out the box" thinking to rebrand the education system. My first amendment was to erase the scandals of the past by changing the name to The Ampleforth Academy of Excellence: Ampy's School of Peculiar Children37c784a48f7033fa1a7ac52cc73d10761fc7004346e48720b53ff7facee890e9.jpeg

I invited all children from Ampleforth Village and the surrounding districts to the Academy of Exellence Open Day. All peculiar children with affinity for elasticity received a scholarship. They will join an advance teaching program where will master the Ampleforth.09996cce5e2a807ab2f28a5fbe89a0cf4a16c4118b05e955377a66211516dfe4.jpeg

After the initial selection, the amazing bunch of students was distributed in the 2 available courses: the ELI5AMPL and the AMPLAnalyst.9386d690c1e2d2501ce33d52f2ed4c8292e50eecc21418ebd8924d5832f02683.jpeg

This selection was done by asking them is Ampleforth is a stable coin. Those who said "yes" were treated as 5 years olds, and those who said "no" as experts.


My little brother, Amplish0x, was one of those smart enough to answer "no" and booked his place in the AMPLAnalyst class. He is a big boy now, smart and strong, and during December he shared 30% bigger tips! Now is his turn to master Ampleforth and continue the family legacy! b21c9ab63244be0a3a7f03f9a9bc4da6a5316f5b06500d94cd28956f8ddf6956.jpeg

First day teaching ELI5AMPL-ers

Hello class, I am Ampy Forth, your teacher and AMPL guru! We will cover class rules, escape rules and than will move to the syllabus and expectations. The most important rule is that Stabilo Fineliners are banned from the Academy, anyone holding this kind of pens will be instantly banned from the premises, basically putting an end to your education. The second rule is to never ever call Ampleforth a stable coin. Respect this basic rules and you will get a diploma soon!


Let's start today's lesson! Open your workbook and read the definition from page one. Repeat after me "Ampleforth is an algorithmic and uncollateralized cryptocurrency and financial building-block". Well done everyone! Now write down the following definition from the blackboard: "Ampleforth translates price-volatility into supply-volatility, therefore the number of AMPL tokens in wallets automatically increases or decreases based on the price". Put the pencil on the desk once you finish, and wait quietly for the others to finish.5747ab741968946f5e22305a95e16a83d174ea0484030b609adc42c7e41426ce.jpeg

Does anyone know how the supply adjustments are called? Yes, you over there... do you know the right answer? Well done! You are right! They are called "rebases" and can occur daily. Maybe you should be in the AMPLAnalyst class, not here with the noobs. I just want to add that when the network grows, the holder will have more tokens, and when the network shrinks, the holder will have fewer tokens, but the price will change. The rebase is the mechanism that makes AMPL a great tool for contracts. Now please start drawing a poster about Ampleforth (AMPL) using the following tricky words: REBASE, SUPPLY VOLATILTY and STABLE CONTRACTS. This must be ready for our Friday class!


First day teaching AMPLAnalysts

Good morning students! You are here in this class because you showed a better understanding of Ampleforth! I am Ampy, but you can call me Sir! Take your books out and write down the keywords from page 2 and 3, than raise your hand to share your answer. Yes Amplish0x! Are you done? Wow! You are correct ... Ampleforth is independent and different than stable-coins and fiat money because it doesn't rely on traditional banks or lenders.


To your answer, I would also add that AMPL can never be diluted. The supply adjustments are applied universally and proportionally across the wallets, therefore the percentage of network ownership remains fixed. Ampleforth can never be diluted by supply inflation. This mechanism solved the inelasticity problem of precious metals and standard cryptocurrencies, the vulnerability to sudden surge in demand, and the flaw of sophisticated economies.


Before the lunch break, let's learn about Ampleforth technology. We already know that AMPL's smart contract design can create a daily rebase, which will happen automatically without the need for a bank. The system adjusts the AMPL supply globally, based on the price. This adjustment makes AMPL non-dilutive. Any contract will reflect the price changes in the market as supply changes in the number of tokens. The system works in a cycle, the price informs the supply algorithm, which informs the price behavior, and same again. Please write down the homework topic, as for next week I want everyone to leave on my desk an essay which will show how a business can benefit from denominate stable contracts.45269d3085959ee3d6363906eb598b3805454944925e83b3fbca13d93e9f60a7.jpeg

ELI5AMPL Friday Class

Good mornin' everyone! Let's have a look at the posters! I can see each of you worked hard, except Jimmy! Can you please stand up an tell us why your poster is a Pig villain called Stabilo? No Jimmy ... I said Stabilo Fineliners are banned from the Academy, not someone called Stabilo! And where are the tricky words? You didn't used REBASE, SUPPLY VOLATILTY and STABLE CONTRACTS anywhere, can you explain why? No Jimmy, saying that your monstrous pig is the enemy of everything that Ampleforth stands for doesn't mean you covered all the tricky words in the "everything" term.11096b1dd72de3a97a81e901fe6ff28503aefd786d0682027dbb2f73d9270269.jpeg

Oh... whatever. Let's move on to todays Lesson Objectives, the Ampleforth key features. AMPL is elastic, bankless and non-dilutive, following a set of rules. None of the cryptocurrencies, stable-coins or fiat money has all this features. It can be classed as synthetic commodity money, because it was created by humans and it has to be bought. The idea of Ampleforth is a paradigm shift from price-based trading strategies to supply-based strategies, making the price adjust to match the demand. This shifting is the work of oracles, that use real time information from the market to adjust the supply. When you copied everything in your workbook, tidy up your desk and sit quietly until you hear the bell. I wish you all a good weekend! f22753879b5fa11f9fb69ebcdb3bcb73371a7e44fa08c8251b615f94a0091206.jpeg

AMPLAnalysts Top Essays 

Good afternoon class! I am very pleased with your work, and I selected three essays to read at the assembly. Those three were in a league of their own, and the hard work must be rewarded. I will start with Connor's work, where he explained how AMPL can promote cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. He identified the issue of unbanked individuals, specially in the developing countries, where the collateral fiat can be replaced by digital assets, making the individual independent from the country's political influence. Ampleforth can be used as a method of payment, avoiding the deflationary issues if fixed supply assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. The elastic system can build a decentralized bank where the rebase will sort out all variations. The AMPL holder will not lose when the price gets under $1, as the supply will increase, and as well, his wallet will have a similar value if AMPL grows over $1 as the tokens will reduce. All this shifting is making AMPL as a valid option for holding value, which will not be affected from the crash of national currency, as it happened in Lebanon or Latin America.


Now I will read some of the highlights in Tommy's essay, which covers the past, of Ampleforth. Maybe you don't know, but AMPL was launched as a 3 stages crowd-sale. The March 2018 ICO was a private sale of 9,250,000 tokens, sold at $0.32 per unit, collecting $3,000,000. This was followed by a second ICO, private as well, in December 2018. This time, only 1,650,000 tokens were sold, at $1.06 per unit, collecting  $1,750,000 in total. The public sale was as initial exchange offering (IEO) on Bitfinex, which was sold out in 11 seconds. The public sale shared 5,000,000 tokens at $0.98 per unit.

The last essay for today, was written by Amplish0x, which explores the AMPL economics. He identified economic issues or opportunities, such as recession, progress or pandemics, that will affect the supply and demand. Shares, stocks and fixed supply wealth, such as precious metals or Bitcoin, will change the value, going up or down. The volatility will create sudden surges or drops, destabilizing the financial ecosystem, which can lead to an economic meltdown. Ampleforth has the ability to adapt in response to a high demand, and defuse any unpredicted event. This elasticity is very attractive. The only issue I have with his essay is that he used a picture of his mum for the cover, which is also my mum. For this you just got lunch time detention and a meeting with the head-teacher. In any other scenario, I would call your parents, but we'll talk about this at home, you spoilt brat!76d4ef98aef1bff3b7d44730f3e61985e3e86a27e79b08881887a0d54733e3e1.jpeg

ELI5AMPL Class ready for winter break

OK class! Just before you leave for your winter break, please keep in mind the following rules: Don't misbehave in a way that will bring a bad reputation to Ampy's School of Peculiar Children and don's ask Santa to make Ampleforth a stable-coin. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!a82d9fb196d0134deb1a546bf538949595cc60afeec77b7ab97ec3dc48f153ef.jpeg

The AMPLAnalysts graduation

Dear class of 2021, I am a bit nervous but so proud of your achievements. Before we will listen to the speech of our valedictorian student we have two guests that helped with the creation of The Ampleforth Academy of Excellence. Ladies and gentlemans, I call on the stage the Ampleforth founders, Evan Kuo and Brandon Iles. Evan is a product engineer with a BS from UC Berkeley, in ME & CS focused in Robotics, while Brandon has a 5 years experience in Google's Search Ranking and Machine Intelligence groups and a Master in CS from Rice University. a43bd29d03a8936ac0f760fdbc0c4d19aa53000ec06034a208c4682fa3a818fd.jpeg

Hello dear AMPLAnalysts, both myself and Brandon are happy to be here and to recognize the immense workload you had to assimilate. Now is your turn to to out in the world and spread the AMPL knowldege.

Dear members of the Ampleforth Academy of Excellence, dear class of 2021, I wish you all a happy rebase. As my friend and colleague Evan said, I congratulate you all! Those who finished in the top 10%, please send your CV's to Ahmed Naguib Aly, as he needs new brains in his engineering team. The top student will have the chance to apply for an engineering work experience, reporting directly to Nithin Krishna, and the opportunity to work with traffic predictions, content analysis and text mining. Some of you may lack the engineering skills, but that's not an issue, as Jessica Yen needs some creative minds in her branding team. For those who struggled with the course, but still managed to reach the graduation ceremony, rest assure, as there are some tea makers positions in Richy Qiao's Business team and at least a dozen of door holders vacancies in places Simon Manka's Growth Department. With no further delays ... I call our valedictorian student ... Amplish0x to finish the ceremony


Dear colleagues, dear teachers, Brandon, Even, I must thank you all! We had a wonderful year together but please don't be sad, as this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning! I remind you all to be as Ampleforth:

  • Algorithmic, think in smart contracts and create predictable actions and measurable responses!
  • Non dilutive, as if you have 10% of my friendship, you will always have 10% of my friendship!
  • Bankless, run wild, do not rely on banks and lenders and live with no notion of debt or credit!
  • Minimal governance, live with no need for governance. No one can interact with our loop of supply!
  • Simple incentives, always be simple, transparent and easy to understand. Aim for equilibrium!
  • Non-custodial, let your actions create waves in the chain, and let none of your ideas be taken outside!
  • Distinct movement pattern, lead the world to unique incentives and a distinct volatility system!

Year of 2021, let's test our elasticity to music, alcohol and bad choices, and let tomorrow's rebase decide the path we're taking! VIVA AMPLEFORTH!



The best way to test the ELI5AMPL concept is ... with a 5 years old!



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