Opening 100 Chaos Legion Packs - 60s vibes on the dancefloor

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 28 Jan 2023

I am chasing a goal that may look unachievable for a casual Splinterlands player ... to open 100  Chaos Legion packs. Few weeks ago I reached the mid-point of my journey, and today I will share the unwrapping of packs 51 to 60! 

The best part of the new reward system is that players can receive packs in the reward chests. I reached (again) Silver III and earned 12 Season Chests. I was buzzing when I've got a pack in my 3rd chest and the Rare Naga Assassin in the 5th. 


As I sai ... I was half way from my goal ... unwrapping 100 Chaos Legion packs. The set target was realistic (maybe) and I embarked in the mission to boost my Splinterlands deck at end of March 2022.  Sometimes I bought the odd card to upgrade a monster, but the plan was to see how many top cards I can get from unwrapping packs.

Everyone knows how badly the Splinterlands were shaken as the new cards improved the gameplay, as newbies were helped to build a strong deck. The new Chaos Legion cards improved the gameplay, created a lover entry level for beginners, and made possible new game dynamics.


Pack 51: Straight from the Season Chest with 2 rare cards,  the Soul Strangler and the Flying Squid. The Crypt Beetle and Hill Giant were also useful, as both were cards I use and needed upgrades.


Pack 52: Got an Epic ... Got an Epic! The Forgotten One was a brand new card and I don't think I seen it before in my battles. Also got a Rare Scavo Firebolt and some useful common cards.


The Forgotten One looks impressive, with 8 Health, 4 Armor, 2 Speed and 4 Damage. The top stats are enhanced by the rare ability. The towering beast had slumbered in the bowels of the deepest caverns of fire, a weapon forged for a war lost to memory or myth. It was summoned back in action by Into an invocation drawn from a rotting manuscript the High Magus of the Crypteia poured all his malice and hate. Drawing the razored flint across his palm he sealed the pact, completing the summoning, calling forth the great flaming homunculus, the Forgotten One.

As the great beast crawled from the burning pit, the Magus bade it roam free and armed it with a broad blade twice as tall as any man. It dwells there now, birthing others of its kind and passing on the knowledge of their making, and serves at the pleasure of the Magus as a hand of Chaos.


Pack 53: This pack was just wow... as I got 4 rare cards from 5 flips! The Life Saper, one Pelacor Arbalest, the Angelic Mandarin and a Portal Spinner in the same pack! What are the odds for such a good drop?


Pack 54: Big event in here, as I opened my first Riftwatchers pack. This packs are expensive compared to the basic Chaos Legion packs, and the rewards doesn't feel they are a good value for money. Got the rare Scavo Technomancer and cards that were cheap on the market.


Pack 55: Another Riftwatchers pack, and only one valuable card. The rare Uloth Dhampir has a good market price, but the other four are in the cheap spectrum of the market place. Shall I buy only basic Chaos Legion packs and get Riftwatchers from the market?


Pack 56: Boom ... Legendary card on the first spin, followed by a rare Regal Peryton. I've got a brand new, spanking shiny Adelade Brightwing! This is one of the most respected champions of Light, a true military leader. She started her journey at young age, being promoted quickly through the ranks. She was granted wings by the Goddess of the Heavens and Light for her faith and battle achievements. 


Pack 57: It's getting better and better with every pack. I unwrapped the epic Insidious Warlock, rare Soul Strangler and Djinn Apprentice and Obsidian. Statistically speaking is hard to get such a good mix, as 4 out of 5 cards were of superior value.


Pack 58: This was not as good as the previous drops, with only one rare Tenyii Striker inside and four of the most cheapest cards on the market as stocking fillers. Ho! Ho! Ho! 


Pack 59:  This is my first Gladiator Pack, and was happy to unwrap Captain Katie in here! I was told that this is one of the best cards for brawls and an OP caster. I got a second rare in the pack, Sarius with two swords but with ranged damage .... weird!!!


Pack 60: The last pack of the batch unwrapped Alfredo and various cards. I am looking forward to my next brawls and to test the strength of my new cards! 


I got the Witch of Warwick, which was a hilarious card. Why? Because I was at Warwick Castle and posted an Insta-story just few minutes before opening this pack. Was it witchcraft or just a coincidence? 


September was my best month in 2022, as I had a bit of extra time to play. I opened 57 chest and got big bags of merits, potions and some good cards. The Venari Heatsmith was showed up three times, and I got a card that I didn't had ... I got the Revealer! 


The Revealer ... a true showman and one of the most dangerous Chaos Legion warlock. They spread terror amongst their enemies, casting spells with dire effect.

The Revealers are chaos-bringer, as they care little as to where their spells will hit. They want to kill for Kuktune and bring her glory, and even harm themselves if there is nothing else left to destroy. It's destruction taken at maximal efficiency!


I ended the year with only few chests and gifts, being busy with other mundane stuff such as Christmas and shopping! I hope the new year will bring fresh vibes and new dynamics. 


Happy Splinterlands and Hive anniversary to me, as I celebrated two years of splinter fun on Boxing Day! It took me two full years to grow my portfolio to 460 cards. The deck value is $235.28, with 6 Legendary monsters and 18 gold foil cards! Bring it on 2023! 


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Opening 10 Chaos Legion Packs - 11th to 20th - I've got 3 summoners, 10 rare and 4 epic cards. To make it better I unwrapped a legendary as well!

Opening 10 more packs - 21st to 30th - I've got 2 legendary, 2 summoners, 13 rare and 3 epic cards! Much better overall cards then before!

40 packs opened until today - 31st to 40th - I've got the lowest value reward ever, only 3 Epic cards and not even a summoner.

Half way through - packs 41st to 50! Ultra rewards, with 2 legendary cards, 5 epics and 10 rare ones! 

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