Splinterlands analysis - Did the new reward cards improved the gameplay?

Splinterlands analysis - Did the new reward cards improved the gameplay?

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 5 Dec 2021

Splinterlands new reward cards from the chests are lush, with great graphics and new mechanics but ... did they improved the gameplay? Before the latest updates and cards addition I was easily grinding and going to Bronze I or Silver III throughout the season. The drop from the season reward chests were mainly cards, with high chances for an epic or rare.


After the changes, I struggle to reach Bronze I and reaching Silver III has become an utopian dream. Also, I consider that new players are highly affected by the Bronze II requirement to earn DEC from battles. My rating is not bad... my ranking is evil! 


Even when I played less and ended the season at low levels, I still got a high percentage of cards from the not-so-many reward chests. This drop rate looks like a distant memory! 


The new drop rate seams fixated on credits, and not even a big bag of credits. Potions keep stacking in the inventory and the new cards will drop now and then. At this point I don't see it as an improvement.


Daily quests are being more rewarding than end-of-season rewards, and getting 500 DEC in a chest was a good surprise. This looks like a one time event as since then I didn't unwrapped more than 10-15 DEC per chest.


Getting Uraeus from a daily quest chest was brought a nice addition to my overall deck and to the Dragon Splinter set. The card is really cheap at 3 Mana, and can make a difference thanks to the 1 Armor and the Sneak ability. I started using Uraeus in my teams, usually in the last position to absorb two attacks


The Twilight Basilisk is another good card I received from the daily quest chest, another card that help the main tank from the backline. The Twilight Basilisk has similar starts to Uraeus, with one extra Health and one extra Speed. 


Most of the reward cards dropped the floor price so low that even brand new players can afford an upgrade. More and more are buying them but not so many are using them. I didn't seen many integrating the new card into their teams, and no new card creating game-changer mechanics.


My personal opinion is that the new cards improved the gameplay, and created a smoother entry level for beginners. I bought stacks of cards from the market at low price and upgraded them at level 3, 4 or 5. Hopefully this will be a good long term move, when the set of reward cards will trend less and they will stop flooding the market. Now with Chaos Legion fast approaching, it may happen quicker then expected. 


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