NFT Breaking News #18 - Crypto Finney will land on Ethereum

NFT Breaking News #18 - Crypto Finney will land on Ethereum

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 14 Sep 2021

It's landing... Finney is landing!

You heard it on NFT Breaking News #17 and everyone marked the date!  Crypto Finney will land on Ethereum on the 25th, less than 24 hours from now. If you are at least half the NFT enthusiast I am, then you are looking forward to the event. I am not Rich Uncle Pennybags so I assume I will never have an Ethereum Finney, so I will brag of about my mint #70 of the Cryptowriter NFT.


The Crypto Finney NFTs are defined as generative 16-bit pixel art character designed by the a Ex-Warner Bros platform game artist Jonathan Trafford. After the 18th of September, a total of 10,000 variations will activate for minting and the future of Finney’s story will be determined by the NFT holders.

Crypto Finney will expand the story of Finney, the android named after Hal Finney. Finney is an android made of solid gold that travels to the weird planet Earth to learn about the technology innovation called blockchain. He will meet the diabolical villain Mr.Shift who is interested in Finney only because he's made of pure gold.


Roadmap, vision and goals

The Crypto Finney vision is to present the world of blockchain in an attractive way for non-crypto people and to educate the masses about blochchain technology/ cryptocurrencies. The Ethereum Landing event will be covered in details on Discord

CryptoFinney is an NFT project on the WAX and EOS blockchains, brought into the Metaverse by Cryptowriter. The main character is Finney, the loveable android, who comes to earth to discover and learn about blockchain technology. 

After the successful landing on Ethereum, the first characters will fallow as an airdrop in October. The remaining 10,000 Finney Crypto Coins will be released for sale on WAX and EOS in November and the Volume 1 will see the print as a paperback book in December.


Lots of updates and upgrades are planned for 2022, as the life of an android is never boring. The Shift Coin minting is set for January 2022, along with the Shift NFT vault. February is not about Valentine's Day ... will be all about the birth of the Finney cross-chain DAO, where every Crypto Finney token holder will be able to vote!


Volume 1 - The Immutable Journey

The Volume One of the story, called Immutable Journey, is available on Finney World for free. Made time to read the story and it's fascinating. It has mystery and drama, it has unexpected events and smart humor. 


Finney Merchandise and Media

Finney fans can check the store for merchandise, and select from stickers to mugs and t-shirts.  I like the mugs but I will not buy one if it's not made out of Finney's gold. The news and updates are covered in the Media tab, including publications, podcasts, blog and FAQ.


Airdrops and Giveaways

There were numerous airdrops and events this summer but unfortunately I didn't matched the criteria. Holding Crypto Finney Genesis NFTs entitled the holders to airdrops. Those holding a BTCminer NFT in the account at the time of the snapshot received Character Metal NFTs variants matching the metal type of the BTCMiner.

I missed them all ... and most of NFT collectors missed all as well! However, I have the pleasure to host the most important giveaway ever hosted by the #NFTBreakingNews: one ETH Finney NFT! Deadline 23:59 UTC on Sunday 25th of September!

Complete the Google form for a chance to win!



Residual Income:

Giveaway form: win 1x ETH Finney 

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