My first month on Publish0x

My first month on Publish0x

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 10 May 2020

Since I was 15 or 16 years old, I had my personal blog, where I was writing all sorts of funny stories or adventures, opinions about events and my own artistic creations. I had few followers, mainly friends, who wanted to keep in contact with me, or those who found my storytelling style quite amusing. 

My brother told me about Publish0x, a platform where I can write down my experience, my holiday adventures and gain some cryptocurrencies while doing something that I like. I made the account at the end of  February, but really started writing on the 10th of April.

One month after I feel that I made the right choice to dedicate some time to Publish0x and the share my thoughts with others. The community is great, started to follow a nice bunch of people which I find interesting, and a bunch of people started to follow my posts as well. After one month of writing in the big boys league I am happy to have 51 followers who are constantly checking and reading my work. Thank you!

I had three very popular posts, which kept me on the first page of Publix0x popular posts for few days, and maybe is not a big deal but for me feels like an acheivment. Two of them were about the crypto-market and one about survival and lifestyle during and after the Covid-19 pandemic,which suprisingly had 502 views. 

The Binance Pool post had 585 views while the post about HODL Litecoin, was the most popular thing I ever wrote, with more than 1500 views in few days.


Its the first time ever when I had any of my work or creation on the front page of anything.

And now on less then a month I had not one, but three popular posts.




Yesterday, while I started to write this post and adding data, content and pictures, I published the 75th VE Day anniversary and Bitcoin price surge post, which quickly become popular, adding my 4th post reaching the first page of Publish0X popular posts. With 1146 views in a day and generating $1.10  worth of LRC, DAI and BAT, this post become my 2nd best article published on the platform.



The above 4 posts were more successful than months of faucets, summing up to $ 3.55. 

They contributed 40% of the $9.05 I received from the community in my first month on Publis0X. 


I can honestly say that I found the joy of writing, and I am not doing it to search for approval or appreciation. The reason for being an active member of the community has a touch of philanthropy and an altruistic concern for human beings and human welfare. I hope that sharing my experience and opinions will at least bring a smile.

I must say that I am proud to be part of such an amazing community of writers and that the future of cryptocurrencies is bright!



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