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Exploring Horizen (ZEN) potential to become prime cryptocurrency

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 28 Apr 2020


Horizen is a privacy-focused, block-chain platform that forked from Zclassic, being the native crypto-coin used by the Horizen network. The Horisen Team's goal is to enable real-world applications to be mapped on secure and private block-chain architecture. 

The cryptocurrency was launched in 2017 as ZenCash and reached the peak price in January 2018, $65.16 price per unit. Was rebranded as “Horizen” in July 2018. 

ZEN is mined using Proof-of-Work mining algorithms, while secure nodes act as master nodes and require staking 42 ZEN. Unlike other similar projects, the nodes are secured using end-to-end encryption. Horizen provides a full suite of secure and private tools for institutional use, and the success of the block-chain is linked to the focus on privacy and upgraded security. ZEN can be used for public, private and anonymous transactions, communications, and publishing.


I gave myself time to research Horizen background, Horizen development team and to read the whitepapers before making an opinion. I decided that ZEN has potential to become prime cryptocurrency in the future and I want ZEN in my portfolio. I bought 16 ZEN on my Binance account where i will HODL for long term profit. I recommend Binance for the flexibility, transparency of transactions and the high number of cryptocurrencies available on the platform.


On 21st of April, ZEN price per unit was £4.46, paying £71.36 for 16 ZEN. The price kept an overall ascending trend and today's price was £4.86, 9% growth. 



ZEN road map for 2020 and beyond has planed Node Tracker improvements, bug fixes, HDE beta public testing and publication of Academy Expert content for Quarter 1.

Quarter 2 of 2020 has planned parallel Testnet for Sidechain Beta 2.0 and upgrades for block explorer, while Quarter 3 will move the Sidechain Beta 2.0 to official Testnet and more improvements to Node Trackers.

For the last part of 2020 and with follow-ups in 2021, ZEN development team will add the extended model in Testnet and will develop Node Trackers and the overall system.

TradingBeasts is forecasting that in April 2021, the Horizen price will average $6.17565. The expected maximum price is $7.71956, minimum price $5.24930. After a stable 2021 with ups and downs, January 2022 forecast is positive, with a 34.72% improvement.

January 2023, or the first quarter of 2023, is when the prediction is anticipating a bigger raise in price per unit, which will continue throughout 2023.

                     Min        Max      Average    %

April 2021  5.24930  7.71956  6.17565 2.42 %

January 2022  6.90500  10.15441  8.12353 34.72 %

January 2023  8.77452  12.90370  10.32296 71.19 %

December 2023  10.19516  14.99289  11.99431 98.91 %


Also last week I found a very interesting faucet website for ZEN, with multiplying options:

I will use the faucet to top up my investment, using the daily claim to add some extra fractions of ZEN to my Binance wallet


You just need to add the wallet, claim and whatever you collected will be transferred automatically on Monday to the Binance wallet.

This is the amount I raised in 3 days, without getting to much loyalty bonus.


I will explore the faucet options and I will return with a complete guide on how to use it to receive maximal benefits.


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