Survival and lifestyle during and after the Covid-19 pandemic

By PVM | Art of Happiness | 29 Apr 2020

Before I start telling opinions, commenting on statistics and busting myths or fake news, I want to explain why my opinions and predictions are not coming from thin air or so called "breaking news".

I have more than 10 years work experience in education, well-being, healthcare and mental health, with skills and traits achieved in higher education. I am not a doctor or virologist but I know enough to keep calm, keep personal hygiene at highs standards and avoid silly things such as bulk buying toilet paper and wearing bin bags as a protective suit.



We are into the 4th month of madness and the confirmed cases are over 3 million, whole deaths are over 215,000. As a positive aspect 1/3 of those contacting the virus are fully recovered. I will not talk about which country has increasing numbers or who's testing more then others, instead I will focus on aspects that are keeping the front page of newspapers or trend on social media. Natural or man-made, the Covid-19 virus is just part of human evolution, natural selection and survival of the fittest.


All over the world, the streets are empty, no more city breaks or crowded parks. Masks on the face when going out and a deep fear of touching anything or going to close to others. The schools are closed and only now we fully understand how difficult is to teach future generations. We had to keep away from our loved ones, and stay at home for weeks. All sporting events are canceled until further notices, same with concerts, festivals and amusement parks. Panic buying toilet paper or flour will not keep you safe from the virus. Fines are in place for those who are not respecting lock-down rules and social distancing.

 Is eating out, checking in, traveling gone for a long time? What will happen with the influencers and Vloggers ? Will Sunday League Football be back with all the fun?  Will we start to appreciate what we had and treat the environment with respect? Will humanity recover after the pandemic?  Time will tell! 



How our life will be affected short, medium and long term? 

* I seen many predictions regarding on when the measures will be softened, when the lock-down will be lifted and what people are planning to do when everything will go back to normal. Unfortunately things will not go back to normal quick, months will be needed until anything close to how life was in 2019. We will have to learn how to live with the constant threat of another outbreak and we will have to keep up with social distancing.

* Washing hands and keeping 2 meters away from others is still the best way of prevention. If no one in your household is sick, you don't need to disinfect all the surfaces in the house several times a day. 

* You don't get instantly sick even if you touch a contaminated surface. Not touch your mouth, nose or eyes and wash you hands as you are and you were supposed to do even before the pandemic.

* Any soap will do well against the virus. Antibacterial soap is not better mainly because we are fighting again a virus not a bacteria. 

* You should be scared of ordering food. If you want to be extra cautious... just add the food in the microwave oven for one minute.

* The chance to bring the virus in your house are the same as being stuck by lightning

* Wearing gloves is not adding extra protection. You can still get it on the glove and than touch your mouth, nose or eyes. We go again to the old school hand washing. 

* Poor mental health will affect your immune system.  


Myth Busters:

* The virus will not "go away" in the summer. In South America, Africa or Middle East is hot right now and the virus is spreading as usual.

* Drinking more water will not kill the virus, will just make you go more often to the toilet

* Sauna or high temperature will not kill the virus if you have it already in your body.

* Your smell and taste is affected by Covid-19? Lots of viral infections or allergies can affect your senses but those symptoms are Covid-19 trademark.

* The virus doesn't hang around in the air. Social distancing is the key while being outside.  The virus is not a living organism and is not selective on who will attack, no matter of age, sex, religion and beliefs.

* You are not safe from the virus if you drink vinegar, vodka, if you eat garlic, ginger, bleach or other apothecary concoctions.



To finish this post in style, I will make a resume of the Mesopotamian tale "Appointment in Samarra"

A merchant from Baghdad sends his servant to the market for provisions. Soon afterwards, the servant comes home white and trembling and tells him that in the marketplace, he was jostled by a woman, whom he recognized as Death, who made a threatening gesture. Borrowing the merchant’s horse, he flees at great speed to Samarra, about 125 km away from Baghdad, where he believes Death will not find him. He then goes to the market and finds Death, and asks why she made the threatening gesture. She replies, “That was not a threatening gesture, I was astonished to see you in Baghdad, because I knew our appointment tonight was in Samarra.”


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