CUB Finance! 90 days of feeding the Lion King

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 1 Oct 2021

Cub Finance went live on the 9th of March as the DeFi platform that will innovate yield farming, with the newest smart contracts and base layer application adapted on Binance Smart Chain. I staked my whole $CUB stash, 689 tokens in total. When I added $CUB into the kingdom, the actual multiplier was 10x and a total 73.59% APY. The beauty of the kingdom is that the CUB will be auto-compounding and will not require my attention.


The next thing was to stake $CAKE into Kingdoms, because the total APY was 248%. It dropped to 128% in two weeks, which was still much better than the APY on PancakeSwap. My two weeks gain was 21.55 $CAKE from 447.25 to 468.80, and the profit kept adding up.


Three months later I had to check to profit and to a little review. Checked PancakeSwap first to see if it is still better to keep the $CAKE on Kingdoms or not. The APR for the automatic restaking $CAKE pool was 98.75% while the manual staking was even lower, at 70% APY.


The $CAKE Kingdom had a total APY at 108.12%, with 101.53% of the APY as auto-compounded farming in CAKE. The remaining 6.6% was in $CUB tokens. It was still better to hold in the Kingdom, therefore no need to touch anything. I initially staked 468 $CAKE tokens and in three months the stash grew to 508, adding 40 tokens as farming reward. 


The $CUB farming reward between 1st of August and 31st of August was 311 CUB tokens. The BNB Dividends were not implemented, therefore was still zero. I claimed $186.30 worth of CUB and I staked them into the Kingdom, for auto-compounded rewards.


The $CUB stash grew from 689, the initial stake, to 737 tokens. I added the CAKE farming reward and I went over the 1000 tokens milestone. At the 1st of September I had 1048.606 $CUB tokens, staked with a 30x multiplier at 98.93% total APY. I will keep the $CAKE staked in Kingdoms as its offering the best reward across the whole yield farming platforms.


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Residual Income:

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