The Cub Finance Guide: Review, Staking and Claiming the Cub!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 13 Mar 2021

Two days ago, I published an introductory post about the fresh and newly launched Cub Finance. I strongly believe that Cub Finance will dominate the Binance Smart Chain jungle and will raise above many DeFi yield farming platforms.

Cub Finance is different than others yield farming platforms because the smart contracts and base layer application are adapted on BSC to create an unique UI. Above technical details, is important to mention that Cub Finance is not built by anonymous/ shady/ mysterious people, and the project is backed by the Leo Finance team, a a powerful brand in the blockchain ecosystem.

My current Cub balance 

I paid $200 deposit fees as a "jungle tax" and farmed 203.339. I sold 50 CUB tokens when the price went under $7 and got $333.48 in exchange. At the current price of $4.86, the 153.339 tokens are valued $745. Great income for only few days.


How to stake and farm $CUB?

I want to avoid the impermeant loss risk from LPs and I will focus on basic staking in the Dens. There are 10 available dens ( CUB, Binance USD, Wrapped Binance Coin (WBNB), Tether (USDT), BTCB, Ethereum, DAI, Polkadot (DOT), USDC and CAKE) and most probably more will be added. Please note that all Dens, except the CUB, have a deposit fee set at 4% of the deposited amount.



Feeding the hungry CUB with CAKE

Time to withdraw the CAKE and move them to Cub DeFi. Took 102 from the CAKE Pool with the speed of light and moved to the SafePal Token (SFP) Pool and took everything out.


The next stop was the Litentry (LIT) pool where 300 CAKE tokens were waiting for relocation in a cozy den! I now have over 400 CAKE tokens ready to migrate from the kitchen straight into the DeFi jungle.


The 4% fee is awful as I paid 16 CAKE to deposit in the Den, which is $190. Hopefully the 6,227% APY will help recover from this high payment and get profit as soon as posible. The transaction fee was only $0.16 but again... thinking at those 16 CAKE I had to pay for the deposit.


I had BUSD on Binance, which I keep for the Launchpool but the 11,793% APY made me to send them to Metamask and deposit into the BUSD Pool. Again the 4% deposit fee hits me well, as I paid $9 for the transaction. This adds up to $200 for this platform change!


At 11 PM, approximately one hour later after my deposits, I farmed 6.2 CUB. The hourly farming was $23.35 which made me relax a bit thinking that in 9 hours I will farm enough to cover the deposit fees.


Yey! No deposit fees for CUB and 10X rewards! This sounds promising! I added the 6.2 Cub into the den and I will constantly add the tokens farmed with CAKE and BUSD while compounding the CUB for CUB earnings.


After only three hours, I farmed 22.29 CUB tokens and the price surged to $6.128, which makes it $136.6. At this rate I will earn back the deposit fee sooner than expected.


I farmed 90 CUB tokens over the night and I wanted to secure some of the profit and get back what I paid for the deposits. Call it "safety net" but is stress free earning after you deduct the expences.

Playing safe, taking some profit out!
I seen CUB going over $12 overnight and when it started to drop I realized that it was time to take some profit out and recover the deposit fees. I converted 50 CUB for 333 BUSD, at 1 CUB: 6.63 BUSD ratio. If I deduct the $200 paid for deposits, I am now $133 in profit and 40 CUB tokens.


No point to keep the BUSD lazy so I added all in the Den, after paying $13.32 deposit fee. This move will help me earn even more CUB tokens and put the BUSD to work for me.


How to claim the CUB airdrop?

Leo Finance announced that every LEO holder will be entitled to CUB airdrop. The airdrop distribution was delayed but finally happened. The Cub tokens are not visible on the Leo Finance blog wallet, therefore must be used for transfers.


Log in with your Hive username and check your wallet for CUB tokens. My share of the airdrop was 0.112 CUB, valued $0.50. I joined Leo Finance in December and my LEO earnings are 30.652 tokens and I assume Leo veterans got a bigger share than me.


To transfer them to Binance Smart Chain and use them on Cub Finance, the transaction must be completed through , the HIVE - BSC bridge. Enter the BSC address and the amount of CUB to be sent, and finish with the HIVE username. In less than a minute the CUB was in my Metamask wallet, ready to be staked in the Den.


How to add CUB token in Metamask (Trust, SafePal, etc)

Use BSCscan to find your wallet and track CUB in your wallet. Click on Cub token and copy the contract address. The token contract address is 0x50d809c74e0b8e49e7b4c65bb3109abe3ff4c1c1 but feel free to do your own research. If you are lazy and you trust me ... you can find it at:

Go to your wallet and click on "Add Token" > Custom Token > Paste the Token Contract Address. The symbol and decimal will fill automatically. Now sit back and relax the crazy APY. Will not last for long as the project will raise the interest of the "big guns". Enjoy it as it lasts!


My Conclusion

After the initial price surge, it was expected for the value to drop. Now that the airdrop was distributed, the price will drop even more, as some will cash out. The price will get stable after few days, or weeks, once the APY in the pools will reach normal levels. I will keep farming, staking and compounding CUB until will grow big big big as the CAKE token. I am not planning to sell any for few months at least.


Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch



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