Crypto Crisis: I bought when others were panic selling

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 10 Sep 2020

Last week was horrible for crypto investors, with the market tumbling and reaching such low levels that some were panic selling their assets. Bitcoin was sinking and this event influenced the value of every coin and token in the ecosystem. When Bitcoin dived below $10,000 on the 4th of September affected all major coins. The butterfly effect expanded to Ethereum, who crashing by 12%, and than all correlated DeFi projects joined the depreciation. All DeFi protocols built on the ETH block-chain were heavily affected.f307cf76d719b5e02b9f5d07c36406e43e6ffef73814e77c599ad543335be292.jpeg

Being around since 2015 didn't make me panic, as this was just a dip, not the end of crypto. Therefore I used the $40 worth of DAI accumulated from Publish0x, $20 Tether I've got from the Injective Protocol writing competition and another $63 disposable income to buy at low price and get some new stuff in my portfolio.


I used the DAI to get a small fraction of Bitcoin, 8.2 Celo Gold and 2.4 Tezos. Only few days after the $40 investment is valued at $45.25, a 9% growth.b395f6b0ef9796a697add171cb3ff397b013d9137813257e24444c64a696274c.jpeg

On Binance I wanted to have more Swipe (SXP), add Polkadot (DOT) to my portfolio and take advantage of the all time low registered by Elrond Gold (EGLD).

I've got fractions of Swipe from the Binance giveaway but I wanted full numbers so bought 10.20 SXP at $1.60. At today's price of $1.83, this investment has recorded a 11% growth (+$3.70)a7b475f5c336fa6f238d5493ac2ce334e91a6d25fe714c6f10f9966d28e0776b.jpeg

I've got 6 Elrond Gold from the 1000:1 metamorphosis of Elrond. The initial price of EGLD was $20, and when price dived at $10 I wanted to take advantage of this 50% discount. I bought $56 worth of Elrond Gold (5.09 EGLD) at $10.99 and this investment started to gain immediately,reaching $15.51 today. With $4.51 per unit, the grow rate added $23 to the initial amount, a 30% growth.


I followed Polkadot, and I like the project, but I always considered the price is to high. With Polkadot splitting and creating the cheaper tokens, my interest grew.  At the price $3.90 per unit, I decided that now is the moment to get some DOT so I bought 8. Just a week later the price reached $4.70, a 20% growth and $6.5 extra value.9ad0336230eab1e80029913e66057cd30b3f7f59fa2ca7ec4c0b26ff289eb078.jpeg

In just a week, the initial $123 grew to a nice $182.32, recording a 48% raise in value. This is just the beginning of market rejuvenation after the crisis and hopefully this move will bring a nice profit in the future.


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