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By Mickael Pasquier | Mickael Pasquier | 28 Jul 2020

1-Huobi Global will officially launch on FastTrack Today July 28, 2020 to vote for listing both the CHR (Chromia) and LUNA (Terra) with over 500,000 as token rewards,Total amount of releasing tokens for CHR (Chromia) is 6,250,000 CHR and for LUNA (Terra) is 1,103,000 LUNA.

The date of The first-ranked project in total votes lists is July 29, 2020 22:00:00 and for the second-ranked project is July 31, 2020 10:00:00.

Huobi Global will host 2 Live AMA with both Or Perelman the COO and Co-founder of CHR (Chromia) in July 31, 2020 20:00-20:30 and next with Daniel Hwang the head of Ecosystem Development of LUNA (Terra) in July 31, 2020 21:00-21:30.

so people can ask question for a chance to get a 200 USDT for every Live AMA (a total of 400$ rewards).

2-Binance tweet that people can buy these cryptocurrency: VET, LINK, MATIC, DOGE, EOS and LEND with Credit/Debit Card, everyone can buy these cryptocurreny using USD, EUR, GBP, RUB.

3-Cardano(ADA) start in Thursday July 30, 2020 a new Cardano Monthly show: July edition to talk about the  monthly update of Cardano(ADA) and all thing about the  coin and also answer some question about the updates of project  , this new episode is hosted by Aparna Jue the Cardano product Director  and Tim Harrison the Marketing &Communication Director and also the IOHK Cardano Product team.

You can join the show here:


Garry Kasparov, a grandmaster and former world chess champion, revealed this week in an interview with Forbes that he is a Bitcoin  enthusiast and supports its use as a means of fighting human rights violations and financial centralization by governments.

In the interview published last week on the website of the prestigious magazine specialized in finance and business, Kasparov was a supporter of blockchain and cryptocurrencies , highlighting bitcoin above: "BTC allows greater personal control at a time when each More and more elements of our lives are controlled by the state, corporations, or outside parties that may somehow have a clandestine agenda. So I think it's a natural response from technology to help the public regain control that has been lost gradually to external institutions. "

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