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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 5 Jul 2022

One thing about WAX blockchain there is so many types of projects out there from the killer series cryptomonkeys to just simple symbols NFTs and this one just is up there with ordinality and coolness he is coming up to his third series off his project and I finally got to get into the brain of this artist and see what makes him tick .




lets get it

How's you?

I'm good

Do any anything exciting today?

Well, I'm going to finish some things in the lost masks project. Rarities and also odds.

How did your crypto journey start?

I'm an artist, I have a streetwear brand. And then I extended the brand to the nfts world as well. After some time, as I am passionate about collections and creation, I decided to create a secret collection, so that I could "have fun" by becoming a collector as well. This secret project is called "thelostmasks"

How did you discover NFTs?

I found out on a YouTube channel, they were talking about the Beeple and other guys that were authenticating art and collectibles.

Why did you pick wax for your project?

I wanted to create in wax because I went to a forum and a creator told me about wax, and at the time I already realized in a strange way, that wax was and always was my home, and there it was and always was my place . I immediately fell in love with the wax universe.

Where did the idea for your project come from?

I keep imagining things all the time, and how they could become highly collectible items. So one afternoon, I imagined countless masks, with their most diverse variations and types. I was fascinated by it and decided to take it out of my mind and transport it to wax.

When did you launch your project?

November 8th and the new series dropped today

What was the first NFT you dropped?

Is the Ice mask - promo


How did the community react?

In the first drop, people already bought all the masks very quickly, it was even a scare for me. Everyone liked the masks, I was very happy with it. Also, as each mask has a superpower, collectors started putting it as a profile picture, and tweeting about their superpowers, which are mostly pretty funny superpowers.

How many masks have dropped since?

188 unique masks

Oh wow do you favorite?

No more unique masks will be released. There are only 188 and the Promo mask, which was the first to be launched. So there are 189 Masks . A curiosity is that, whoever bought any of the 189 masks, has benefits, as if they were club members. For example: Whitelist drop, which will be done before. Special prices on upcoming releases. Free items only for holders of unique masks etc...

Which is your favorite?



How come?

I want it to be clear that this mask was created by my brother Gabriel. He helped me create some masks, and he's been helping me with many other things. How to solve problems with percentages and wight in neftyblocks. Plus it is a mask inspired by RPG games, and I'm passionate about RPG games .

What is the process of making your NFTs?

I open the creation application, import a default mask, which serves as a matrix, and then create some other model from them, inspired by the masks I imagine. I create one mask at a time, pixel by pixel. They are not images generated and combined by programming, they are pieces created one at a time.

How long does a mask take to create

This is very relative, because I can create them in just 15 minutes, but over the months, I'm perfecting them until they look perfect. I reopen the files, change a few things, close. Then I open it again, re-evaluate and recreate a few other things, and close. Then I open it and go at this pace until it's perfect as I imagined.

Have you done any collab masks?

I really want to create some collabs, maybe in the future I'll start to make room for collaborations.

Is there anyone you would love to collab with?

It seems very unreal, but I would like to collaborate with "Blockchain Brawlers", it would be really cool to create a mask for a fighter

Oh that would be cool . What has been the best part of doing this collection?

The best part was creating them as masks and having fun with them and their support-powers. It's really a lot of fun.

What has been the hardest part?

The hardest part is always creating a new mask, with some innovative aspect. But the hardest thing so far was creating the booster pack, my brother Gabriel also helped me a lot.

What your family think of your project?

They support me a lot, help me emotionally and in some things where I'm a little limited. They are my greatest strength in this world. I LOVE MY FAMILY.

Where is the best place to keep up with the projects?

On twitter


Where can we buy your NFTs?

You can buy it through the link in the twitter bio

or on secondary market

When next drop?

Today 07/04 whitelist drop

Any sneak peeks?

Oh yeah


There will be other rarities besides unique


Golden is one of them There will be 5 new rarities altogether.

Any chance of a competition from the readers?

There will be 2 types of booster packs, I can separate 1 of each for you to give away

Brilliant Before we finish up is there anything you would like to add or say

I would like to thank all the collectors who purchased it, and also my family who have been helping me a lot. I would also like to give credits to friends who helped me on this journey of thelostmasks: Gabriel, Sabrina Matheus and Anibal de lara.

To join are competition check the link below 


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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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