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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 5 May 2022

So I found this project by accident and have to say I liked what I seen so I reached out and Mike got back in touch now Mike is not the artist but he is the marketing rep for the project and he knows the artist really well so he will be speaking on behalf of him.



What’s up! How’s life on your side of the globe?

Ok I am on a night shift how's things your side?

Going well. I’ll be joining the uplift stream Tuesday to talk with Corey about some cool stuff so hopefully that goes well. Jumbie is doing a cool Kentucky Derby NFT launch that should be fun.


When is that launching?

We’re going to be launching Tuesday on stream and it goes all week.

Oh interesting tell us more

We’re going to release 20 different NFTs that act as a “ticket” for the Kentucky Derby. Each ticket will cost 2 Wax but will have 1 wax backed so it can be burnt for money back. If your ticket number matches the horse that wins the race, you win the Derby NFT Jumbie made that’s dope

We will air drop the winners after the race is officially over and a winner announced.

So how did you guys discover crypto?

I’ve been in the NFT world since early 2021 on WAX and after seeing what the technology could do, I got on the phone with Jumbie and explained it to him too

I am guessing he was already creating art at the time?

Yea, he has for a long time https://jumbieart.com/

Was he looking to come into crypto world?

Not really no - he was waiting to see what was going to happen with NFTs I had some success with the first artist I was working with so Jumbie decided to just do it


That was my first artist curation for garbage pail kids artist, Toofless.

Oh cool . Why did you guys choose wax for the project?

WAX is the King of NFTs - Carbon neutral, no gas, and the best community in all of crypto.

Did yous have an idea what the project would be?

So basically, Jumbie has so much art that we wanted to make it fun to collect so we came to wax and started creating different themed NFT sets . We also have a patented product that uses NFT art so WAX almost acts as a marketing platform as well as a way to collect and then this happened....


once vaaaaaaaaaan got the Bat Country #1, people started taking notice and collecting more.

Ah so it took of over night so will each NFT will be different there is no sets as such?

We have themes. There's the Egyptian Theme with all of the Egyptian Gods, the Hindu Theme with all of the Hindu Gods and the Elementals. Then we released the Bat Country 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' Set then the Gnarwall Series . Then Genesis which was one of the harder once to complete.

I understand and when did you guys launch your first NFT?

May 11 2021 we minted our first Elemental . We also did exclusive drops for $BLU not WAX for a while, and still create $BLU drops because we get a good amount of sales from $BLU whales.

Oh so you guys are coming up to your 1 year birthday anything planned?

Ya know, that's a good idea - we probably will do something fun.

Have done any drops on any other coins on wax?

We've dropped one for $Taco and 1 for $XPS as well just to see if it worked. Not many sales. But I hear that Nefty Blocks is going to change the drop system to be able to include all tokens in 1 drop, so we don't have to make a new drop for each type of token . We're also working on a staking system for all Jumbie Art NFTs but that's a few months out something similar to cryptopupz system.

Awh cool. What was the first NFT you guys dropped?

Gaia the Earth Goddess.



How did the community react?

No one really knew us yet so we didn't really sell any - it wasn't until we re-strategized and created Theme Packs and dropped them exclusive for $BLU on the uplift stream that we started selling and getting a wonderful community reaction. Corey bought 100 packs and was raving about Jumbie and that got us a lot of people interested . So we are going to donate a percentage of our Derby Ticket Sales to the #wesavetheuplift campaign I'm gonna put them into the smart contract distribution for whatever percent Jumbie decides.

And do you have an active community now?

We have a discord server but it's not been well populated, and all we really do is twitter giveaways, so to answer that; no, not really, but we are trying to create one

I understand that it can be hard to get people into your discord . How many NFTs have been created since the first?

8839 Created over 1,000 burned . All of our blending options require a Jumbie Coin so we get a lot of burned tokens.

That is some amount of burning what is the process of making the NFTs?

Jumbie is a master of Photoshop but his pieces are hundreds of layers and take weeks to create.

Is it just photoshop he uses?

Yea with a Wacom monitor that he draws on.

Oh cool . Has he done any collabs?

Yea, he's done some - we're gonna be releasing some over time

Is there someone you guys would love to work with in NFT world?

That's a great question. Kenn Bosak probably - we're into similar stuff and we're in vegas where the glass blowers in cannabis are.

I did Jerome Baker NFTs last 4/20 on WAX for him and he just sold a $150,000 Bong NFT last week . Jerome Baker sold the bong, not Kenn - Kenn is working with another Glass Legend, Jack Storms .

We had jack storms on are YouTube show lovely guy.

Oh that’s dope . He’s an amazing glass artist. I admire his work I would love to see jack and Jumbie collab in something in the future.

Oh cool . Can I ask what is your favorite NFT of the project so far?

Oohhhhh tough one.



Pele the Hawaiian Fire Goddess

How come?

She was the first piece of Jumbie art I witnessed live and when I got her NFT a year later, I felt accomplished in a way I’ve never felt before . Lemme take a picture and you can see Jumbies studio from upstairs .


That's amazing .

So the elemental NFTs are originally 9 foot tall tapestries.

Are they sold in real life as 1 of 1s?

We sell physical tapestries but not 1 of 1s. We are doing NFT portals, which are 1 of 1 NFTs and a physical, color changing print.


That’s a picture frame on the wall.

Very trippy. Has that been made into a NFT yet?

Not the last one. That’s the Koi. We will make it an NFT this year

Nice . Do you have favorite wax artist?

Byron the zombie artist and his family . His kid is super driven and creative.

Yea total agree . What has been the best part of this project?

The best part of the project has been creating fun ways to collect amazing art and sharing it with the world.

What's been the worse part?

The worst part is waiting in between releases. I enjoy the process so I always wanna be creating new stuff. We’re trying to create 1 new set per month.

Is this a full time role for you?

Yes. If I’m not working on something, I’m thinking and planning. Between managing the art, the Uplift and the Twitter account, I find myself busy more often than not.

Of course so you guys have land there on uplift?

Yea. I have a spot in genesis with giant transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron and a spot in Londom . Jumbie has a rail in genesis that we’re going to use as a gallery I’m pretty heavily invested into rPlanet too. I’ve been collecting mining rigs since last may I bought my first uplift plot last April and have gotten a lot of my friends and family into it.

What your family think of your job?

They don't really understand it but they support me in it.

Have you introduced many people to wax?

Soooo many - They started calling me The Wolf of Wax Street in Las Vegas because I was always talking about WAX.

Ha ha ha . What you like to do to unwind?

I like loud electronic music, huge Excision fan - it relaxes me, which surprises most people because its hard and fast music. EDC in 3 weeks!

Nice tell us something random about you?

I'm a tie dye artist that loves to make tie dye for people but not sell it. I've made dyes that ended up on Wiz Khalifa


That's my digital clothing line attempt LOL gonna try and get some of it into Immersys along with Jumbie.

Have you tired to do vIRL to IRL?

Not yet - I attempted it myself with my shopify website.


Very colourful.

Yea, I mixed my knowledge of tie dye and digital art together. I was blessed to be trained as a tie dye artist by 3 legends in the art - they made the tie dye for the Grateful Dead.

Where the best place to keep the up with the projects?


Twitter https://twitter.com/JumbieArt

Soon discord

I tweet just about anything that needs to be known - I'm going to do better at that in the future too

Where can we buy your NFTs?




That's all the stuff I have out there.

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

We could do a 'pack bundle' giveaway or something - like a pack of each set. I’ll mint you a bunch of cool stuff and you can use it to giveaway however you want.

Brilliant so if you fancy it we have a YouTube show on every Friday if you would like to come on?

That would be awesome!

Il get that sorted so before we finish up is there anything else you would like to say or add?

I’m honoured to be a part of some of the amazing movements taking place on WAX and getting to work with some wonderful people.

So since we last chatted he has a fun new collection just for the Kentucky derby.


I am going to give one away and I have a selection of Jumbie NFTs to giveaway to enter follow the link below . And he will also be on The NFT circus tomorrow night at 16:20 PST .




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