CRYPTO.COM FAIL List Solana Coin in the United States Then Delisted It?

I might have spoken too soon when I wrote the article: is the #1 Project in the Game Part #2

I might have jinxed the platform. I was so stoked Solana Coin was listed on I almost dropped 2k when I saw it on my app. I pussied out and went to sleep that night. To wake up and see it move from $2 to $2.50 overnight. I dropped $2500 on the app and bought 1000 Sol at $2.49, the next day it was $3, the next $3.50, with a final peak around $4.11 cents. 

I bought 300 more Sol at $3.41, today it has come down to $3.10, I see this as a healthy pullback. Although, what is the underlying situation here? has failed me miserably. I log into my wallet today to see numbers without a coin. My value is still present but it doesn’t show me where my Solana coins are. Under the new snip-it of the Solana Coin Listing, they state: “Note Not For US Residents.” This is the negative news causing the downturn.

SOL missing

I’m heated, Solana coin is backed by Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Dropbox, and many others. What is the hold up here? Why can’t I get this on an American Exchange? Why do they make me do deals with the “Devil” aka Binance? I’ve been on the customer support chat for 7 hours today with no response. is stealing my sol? Why does the USA suck at having good Crypto exchanges?

Low key I know this will blow over soon and Sol will get listed on more exchanges soon. This will make the price rise again! I’m planning to back up the Truck if it ever goes below $2.50 again. 

I brought you Sol when it was only $1.89 what are my other top picks for 2020? 


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Market Speculation Investing With Homies

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