Will The Rise of Slave Labour in China Help to Extinct Physical Coinage?

Just to start this off, this is nothing racist against Asians. I'm Asian. My people are one of the last races still in slavery sewing up your jeans. I even wrote about my favorites Chinese rappers in my article: Stock and Crypto Rappers Part 2

I'm just stating the facts people, calling it how i see it. Warning this article gets real and talks about real situations. 


Crypto Currency provides clarity, transparency, authentication, confirmation, and ownership.  

As a taxpayer in America I would like to see more of these traits implemented in every factor of our society. 

A regular Database can be altered by the admin without any knowledge to the community. 

While a blockchain database is confirmed by the chain/community everything is recorded. 

These are a few things I want to see put on the blockchain internationally: 

Stock Markets, Toll Roads, Hospital Records, City Permits, Police Records, UFO Sightings, Farm Produce, and Chemical Production would all be good places to start. No one could fudge numbers on any of these subjects and you all know how that would help everyone else sleep at night. 

Slave labour has been becoming more popular in various countries in the 21st Century. Recently you have Monkeys being forced to harvest bananas and coconuts in Thailand. Africa is most famous for slave labour for Blood Diamonds. China isn’t the only ones to give them some credit. Although, in China you have Uighur Muslims being forced into trains on their way for

Organ harvesting

(China is harvesting thousands of human organs from its Uighur Muslim minority, UN human-rights body hears)

Hair harvesting,

“US seizes 'forced labour' Chinese hair imports”,%22re%2Deducation%22%20camps.

Sex Slavery, 

“China’s Monstrous Abuse of Uighur Women”

and Slave Labour. 

“'Virtually entire' fashion industry complicit in Uighur forced labour, say rights groups”

Lately we have US customs confiscating these shipments of products. China is far more organized with their slavery and have far more slaves than any other country. Modern day Holocaust and WW3 is right around the corner. The Communist Party of China isn't wasting a single part of them either. They don’t even discriminate. I think (Assumption as no one has accurate data on this.) they have equal if not more natural born Chinese enslaved then Uighur Muslims. Watch some content on China and everyone always says they are afraid of being disappeared.

Don’t take my word for it, do your research...

Smart Indian guy’s perspective on this situation:

Basically the run down of this video is this dude looking at counterfeit coins, going through *cough *cough China. 

Just going to show how you can get your fake rare coinage supply for your, and to name a few. How can you even trust coinage anymore after reading this information?   

Here is another article talking about the scale of this operation. The rare coin market is tight. I like to look at gold coins worth 2k but knowing that they could just be fake ass clones is disheartening. 

How Big Is the Rare Coin Counterfeiting Problem?

What is stopping China or any other country for that matter from making truck loads of quarters or dollar coins with thier slaves? They have the manpower now to mine the raw resources. I could make a blanchet with some 3d printing equipment in about an hour. I'm sure they have them. All they have to do is smuggle it into various countries and bang they got the money printer going burr. Didn’t even have to ask Jerome Powell for the keys.    

Even the rare coinage is worth far more and god knows this is happening on a large scale. The most low tech monetary device is coinage. I think it’s going away really soon. Unless they find a way to put all coinage on the blockchain the government is just giving money away to slave labour. Regardless if the metal is worth more than the coins themselves they have slaves doing this for FREE. 

The average minimum wage in America is $7.25 there has to be a way for the government/big business to give the working man less and that’s by throwing 18 decimals on our dollar.


HNT Helium Hotspot Rewards are Down 98% :..( 

Stock and Crypto Rappers Part 3 is the #1 Project in the Game Part #2

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Market Speculation Investing With Homies
Market Speculation Investing With Homies

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