Top 6 Alt Coins for 2020
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Top 6 Alt Coins for 2020

My first pick is HNT Helium. This project is Google venture backed. My wife works at Google so I love anything to do with Google. That’s how I found HNT. Since I had past success with Google backed coins I looked for more. I consider this the most important Internet of Things coin. I’m participating in their Developer contest currently and there are a lot of crazy things about to come to the chain. 


I would say the best feature is they have hotspots where you can own part of the network. I used to live in the heart of San Jose and I would make 10$-15$ a day. Now I live in Richmond, CA and my Helium Hotspot makes around 6$-10$ a day (varies daily). Triple what I make from my 6 GPU ETH Mining Rig. 


I bought a hotspot from them. I paid 495$ but I've made around 1000$ in the last 8 months. When I see ROI like this I go hard. So I bought 9 more on a holiday special. They do a lot of those. I bought them a couple months ago still waiting because they got delayed because of Covid-19. I live in the bay area though and they recently limited ordering to just a few states. Now you can only get a hotspot in limited areas, check their website for details if you want one.


There is a way to upgrade your hotspot with an antenna. The warranty is only one year. But I broke my charging port on my hotspot and they sent me a new one in a few days. Just read the warranty page well before you email them.  


They have a discord with a big community. Helium used to have a slack a couple months ago where I chatted it up with one of the Co-Founders Joseph Fasulo. I asked him when HNT is coming to more exchanges. Because low key knowing that you make a lot when a coin gets listed on a new exchange. One of the biggest things to note is that Helium is planned to launch an exchange in the US. 



I was probably one of the first members on or I must have written it off for months. The minor rewards were not enough to keep me coming back. Although the platform has upgraded a lot recently and is a pretty sweet platform. I started streaming recently with my Homies on Twitch 5 days a week.

I’m on 12-1pm Pacific time. And we plan to start streaming on as well. 


I watch a lot of gematria decoding. I love gematria and use it all the time for my trading. Chigozie Truth, Gematria Sports are good youtube channels, one of my favorite decoders is Skull Cap Savant:


He talks about random new world order things. Sometimes his videos get deleted so you know it’s good stuff. After months of reviewing his research Theta was the first crypto currency i heard him mention. I saw it was Google backed and I started up both nodes on my computer and bought 11,423.47 Theta. I’ve made like 600 Fuel this month. It’s Roi kinda is really slow. I could make more on CRO. But I plan to make more from appreciation on this coin. 


SOL Solana coin is backed by Apple, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Intel, Qualcomm and more.

Business Scaling is the focus here. I bought this coin last week. I made 100% really fast, I sold it and it went up another 50%. I want to buy back in my wife calls me dumb for selling because the syngery of the companies is too good. I will be making another position this week if it comes down a little.  


RCL IExec is backed by Google, Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, Ubi Soft and more.

This one has to do with Cloud Computing. I don’t really need to know more than the companies backing it and I’m in. But you should look into this coin, do research before buying. Only thing that sucks with Theta, Sol, Hnt, RCL, is that they are only traded on sketchy exchanges like Binance or other Asian exchanges; nothing in America just teases from Coinbase and they are harder to store safely. But I want to own them all, finishing out 2020. A kind fellow from Europe told me you can buy Theta on and Earn with it? If that is true please let me know in the comments. That would mean it’s on it’s way to the American version and another pump is coming for Theta. 

These next two have nothing to do with Google but belong in your portfolio. 



Honestly I don’t know tons of the behind the scenes information about this crypto. But I’m a gamer and I’ve hunted for the best crypto games.The Eos chain has a lot of solid games. Chibi Warriors faded out, Crypto Kitties/Cuties is like building assets for my future daughter. Crypto Dynasty is currently my favorite game. I’ve put like 60 Eos into it but all my loot is worth over 80 EOS and I made 11 Eos in rewards. It’s on the Google play store now, it’s legit once a day mindless selling materials and equipment for a little amount of EOS. This game got me into Token Pocket wallet. Which led to some Eos staking. My account gets payments everyday now very small but EOS is a fun project. The best thing is that most exchanges let you do free transactions. So this is normally my go to coin for moving around my crypto.  



I’m up 236% on this project in two months. Just got my wife a big bundle. Do your own research and read my article on it. There app is also in the Google Play store!

If you know of more coins backed by Google, Apple, MSFT, FB, AMZN please let me know in the chat it would be greatly appreciated. 

Market Speculation Investing With Homies
Market Speculation Investing With Homies

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Market Speculation Investing With Homies
Market Speculation Investing With Homies

I write about stocks and crypto it's all i really know about.

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