I Just Read Binance's Steem Backpedal Blogpost. Here's What I Think About It.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 11 Mar 2020

So, about a decade ago, a dream was born from the mind(s) of an Individual(s); HEY! Let's have ourselves a super kick-ass Electronic Cash System that can't be controlled by monolithic central banks or other centralized entities! And the dream came true in the form of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency. Now of course, there have been a tremendous amount of shit and technological advances since then. There's a crypto on every street corner. Shit, There's Cryptos SPECIFICALLY FOR the street corner! Well, the hookers did have one. The GGcoin looks like it's worth somewhere between jack and shit on Etherscan, and their ICO Website is defunct. It's okay though, The Ladies of the Night over at the Bunny Ranch take bitcoin.

But, I'm SERIOUSLY digressing. Let's regrettably turn our attention from hot sexy women and focus on some nerdy dudes. Specifically, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and Our Boy Mr. "Tron Ass Tattoo" Himself, Justin Sun.


I'm Far Too PROUD Of This Shitty Edit. But, I Really Hope This Becomes a Rumor.

A Match Made In China

So here's the Cliffnotes: Justin and Changpeng - CZ for short - are buddies in the good ol' People's Republic of China AKA "Superfast Growing Authoritarian SuperState that the lost love of my life is from". Yeah, I have a little baggage, and not just because of Crypto. Anyways, The recent Steem acquisition was a bit of a debacle. There were harsh words, talks of Tron Migration, and Oh God, a big ol' Super Witness Rebellion the likes of which has never been seen before. I wrote about my opinion on this, and frankly while I remain skeptical, I'm hopeful that things will get better. That being said, there are some things about this that bother me, such as a Foundation... FOUNDED upon decentralization conglomerating a bunch of different Cryptos. Like a central corporation or something.

So, the major deal today is this: Binance staked a shitload of STEEM (Like 31 million STEEM) in order to vote on a upgrade/hard fork at the same time Justin was acquiring Steemit. Hmm... That is interesting! One Buddy helping out another, one of them a GIGANTIC STEEM WHALE. Thats smacks of collusion to me.

Obviously, I'm not the only one who thinks that apparently, so Binance released a post on their blog where they talk about their stake in STEEM and explain that it's not what we think it is.


No, Really, It's Not What You Think (IT TOTALLY IS).

In the post, they explain that it was a "miscommunication" about the "specifics of the upgrade/hard fork". After receiving what they call "feedback" from the Steemit community (Which I think probably played out as an undignified ass-reaming directed at CZ and Co.), the decided to power down everything and "stay neutral".

Bullshitting the Bullshitters

Now, I would REALLY hate to be that Internet asshole that gallivants around with a conspiracy theory. In this case, I wouldn't consider my opinion conspiratorial more than I would think it as being Incredibly skeptical of Binance's intentions. This might seem odd for those who are not in the know. The first thing you need to understand about me is that I stake Tron. I vote on a Super Representative (TWX/TronWalletMe 4 LYFE YO). I was privy to witnessing a particular company completely take over a particular number one SR position last year. They overtook that position by a pouring in BILLIONS of TRX, pushing back the previous Number One position that has a little less than one billion TRX.

And you wouldn't believe who that is. Wanna Guess? I'll Give You A HINT.

Now, you gotta believe me, I'm not saying it's Aliens here, but the tumblers tend to fall into place. Justin Scratches CZ's back, and CZ Scratches Justin's. They're friends. They know each other. They talk. Hell, if I didn't give two shits and I had the means, I'd do what Binance did for a buddy. If I didn't care about decentralization or backlash, I would totes do this.

The Bottom Line

Despite it all, even if the Binance's Power-Down was a PR play after being reamed by the community, it is still the right thing to do. I will give them that. There's a real easy conflict of interest here, and the few taking on the many never worked out too well for the few. The biggest takeaway here is that if the idea of the Crypto Space is to to decentralize the wealth in whatever way we can, then the obvious bad thing to do is get things running like a plutocracy. That's no bueno. And in the end, the masses win. If you have ONE STEEM in your account, you have the power to help make a difference on Steemit. I'm not saying be belligerent in your actions; quite the opposite. I'm saying carry a pen in one hand for fair negotiations, and a stick in the other if thing's go down Shit Street. That's the only way we can try and retain the spirit of the Crypto Movement.

With all that said, I hope an amicable agreement can be made, that Binance stays out and tries to show a little tact in their practices with Tron/Sun, and make a HookerCoin on the Binance Blockchain.

Thank you SO SO much for reading, I really appreciate it. I know this shit is really controversial, but controversy is the spice of life and I didn't just make it to 1000 FOLLOWERS today by playing it safe. You disagree? Call me an asshole. I'll agree with that. Agree? You get slightly more love than the detractors. Just kidding, I love all of you. Thank you for the opportunity to be heard.

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Until Next time, keep your eye on the markets, and don't look too closely at ass Tattoos.

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