AWC Airdrop - Disappointed by the Support

A while ago a writing contest took place on Publish0x about Atomic Wallet. After reading several articles, I thought to myself that this wallet looked pretty cool. In addition, I could earn tokens for free just by using the wallet.

I figured this was the perfect wallet to store my hard-earned BATs using the Brave browser as well as some other coins I earned for "free". I was aware that I needed to transfer the equivalent of $ 10 of any cryptocurrency to my Atomic Wallet and therefore decided to transfer 0.05 ETH to it. 


I then waited until the middle of the month to receive my AWC rewards as promised. But I never received anything.

So I decided to send a message to the support on July 15th to ask them if they were aware of any issues with the distribution of rewards. I can fully understand that sometimes there is a bug or that the sending of the rewards is delayed. I waited, waited, waited, ... I waited 13 days before receiving the first response.

Without giving me any explanation (13 days after my message I call it back), I was asked for proof of a 10$ deposit as well as my BNB address.


I nevertheless complied and provided the requested evidence during the day. Two days later, in a slightly nicer message, I was told that someone was going to take care of my problem and judge whether or not I was going to receive my rewards.

Apparently it was very hard to judge since I had to wait another 12 days for an answer. It turns out that I will therefore have the right to receive my rewards in September.

I admit being quite disappointed. I would have hoped for more responsiveness from the atomic wallet support and I would have appreciated being explained to me why I had not received my rewards.

I deliberately waited a bit before posting this article so as not to write what I thought directly after their response.

Indeed, even though I was disappointed with the time it took to process my problem, I wanted to give them a chance to explain themselves. The end of my post would have probably been a little "saltier" if they hadn't answered me. Recently, me and @ThomasWolf had a little talk about Atomic Wallet pausing airdrops. And their reasons were rather vague. This is also one of the reasons why I am writing this article.

I think I am not the only one who did not receive my rewards as many of us use this wallet to hold BATs and publish0x rewards in general.


As you can see, if you still haven't received anything despite having followed the steps and rules it is probably a mistake on their part. So don't hesitate to send them a message.

Even if at first I was quite disappointed, even annoyed, by their response it is always painful to see people trying to abuse the system. So I will give them the benefit of the doubt regarding this response time.

So I think I'll keep my BATs for a little while longer on Atomic Wallet. Especially considering the gas fee at the moment.

I hope that for my part I will receive my AWCs in September.


Thanks for reading, have a nice day, be safe ! 

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