Saturn Network Trading Tutorial

Saturn Network Trading Tutorial

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 26 May 2020

Learning to trade in Saturn DEX & Setting up Saturn Wallet

Been a while since ive made a post here again, been practically just pretty busy. Lot of the info will be at the video itself how to proceed, but its an excellent beginner guide on understanding 101 dealings with trading on DEX with either Ethereum Classic or Ethereum.

The first thing you need is an extension wallet, preferably metamask, nifty wallet or Saturn Wallet (Which this guide is based on). You can import private keys from many popular wallets such as Exodus, Coinomi, Atomic Wallet or Trust wallet and import it into Saturn or Metamask. If you prefer high security you can also just create new one, but you have store the seed phrase (password can be always be forgotten however, long as you have seed phrase).

One of the best part about Saturn Network DEX compared to lot of others is the fact that you can list any token into the platform without any cost, you just need to provide a logo among the contract link and you can get started

  • Unlike in Forkdelta and other sites the orders stay on the site forever, so make sure to close buy/sell orders when you are not feeling it anymore.

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