muesliswap on smartBCH
muesliswap on smartBCH

muesliswap on smartBCH

Hey mates!

I have discovered a DeFi project on the smartBCH network. This is called muesliswap.

What is muesliswap?

It's a clone of pancakeswap project. It's the same, but the blockchain is different, it's over the SmartBCH blockchain. The governance token for the project is the milk token. The current price for this token is $0.45, which is not so bad.


What is the special for me?

The pool section like the pancakeswap project. There are farm and liquidity provider sections too if you like too.


How can I stake BCH in muesliswap?

You need BCH SEP-20. Here is an article where I teach you how to do it: bitcoincash: how to change BCH to SEP-20 BCH.

Once you have BCH on the smartBCH you can exchange it for the milk token and after that you can go to the pool page to do the staking.


Here is the pool, the APY is really good.

poolsNext steps

Cloning this project for the cardano blockchain. Sounds really good too!


Mainly do your own research of the project, it's a really new project so you have to be carefully, this project is similar to pancakeswap but it's not the same.I hope this article can help you.

Here is the documentation of the project (Do your own research, DYOR)


Advantages programs:

Personal projects:

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