bitcoincash: how to change BCH to SEP-20 BCH
bitcoincash: how to change BCH to SEP-20 BCH

bitcoincash: how to change BCH to SEP-20 BCH

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Maybe you have some amount of regular BCH bitcoincash and you can use them into the SmartBCH to do whatever. You have to keep in mind that your regular BCH is not the same as BCH SEP-20 token which is used in the BCH Smart Chain. Only the name is similar. It's like the BNB token, this token is not the same than BNB BEP-20 token.

What is the different?

The main different is that the blockchains in which the tokens live are different.

What can we do then?

You have to use a bridge to change the regular BCH token to the BCH SEP-20 token.

Create a BCH SEP20 account on metamask

Let's go to create an account on the BCH Smart Chain to support the BCH SEP-20 token. Open metamask, and create a new custom network or RCP, click on the network selector:

custom rpc

After that fill the form like this:

metamask RCP

Here are the data:

  • RPC URL (primary node):
  • ChainID: 10000 (0x2710)
  • symbol: BCH
  • Block Explorer:

Confirm and at this moment you will have an BCH SEP-20 and support for the SEP-20 tokens on your wallet


Swap BCH to BCH SEP-20 using coinflex exchange

In the exchanges mainly, or especial services to do that. I have done using the CoinFlex exchange. You don't need KYC for small amounts, and you can login using metamask. Select metamask and confirm the operation to login, and you are in.


Send your BCH to CoinFlex

Coinflex is really similar to Binance in some things, like the menu. Look for the deposit option into wallet menu and choose the BCH. Scan the QR code to send the funds to this account from your original account. Once you have done the operation, you will have the BCH funds here. Super easy and cheap because the transferences over BCH are really cheap.


Send your BCH to a BCH SEP-20 account

Once you have the BCH funds into your account, go to withdraw option into wallet menu and choose the BCH. Then into the right panel choose SEP20 and paste your destination account (given from the previous step on metamask configuration). Confirm the transaction and that is. You will have your BCH SEP20 funds into your metamask wallet. Really easy, doesn't it?? the best of all... to send the BCH to the SEP-20 account you don't pay fees... :)



In this article I explain how to swap from the regular BCH to the BCH SEP-20 token to use it into the BCH Smart Chain. I hope this can help you.


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