Las Vegas, part 8. Ranch (imitation of cowboy western films).

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 8 Nov 2021

If you think that, after the Hoover Dam, we have already arrived at the Grand Canyon itself, then I will disappoint you: we have not arrived yet.
On the way, we had one more stop.
This is a purely tourist destination, but it adds a certain flavor to the trip.


If you are a lover of Westerns, then this is the place for you.

From Hoover Dam, we drove further towards the Canyon, not knowing how long to go.
Outside the window, the terrain was constantly changing, some plants began to appear in the desert, and they were very interesting.
It was impossible to shoot them on the go, and then I almost did not shoot video.
These are some kind of large thorns, like cacti, but shaggy and very cute.
I'll show you from what I managed to shoot.
Maybe someone knows what this plant is called, because after all it is a shrub, not a tree. Or a tree?



In some places such trees ended, and then we saw only undersized bushes.
Being accustomed to the forest, or to palm trees in recent years, it was interesting and surprising to me to look at the stretching desert with such vegetation.


Do you see white houses in the distance? This is some kind of settlement: a village, a settlement, a town, I don't know what to call it correctly.
But they live here like this, in this desert, where there are only hills, bushes and cacti.
It was interesting to drive from the outside and understand that people also live here.





So we drove, admiring the cacti and the desert, until we reached a new stop.
We did not know at all where we arrived.
It turned out to be an imitation of a certain Texas village, which we often see in films about cowboys.
A desert, a certain street, saloons along it, simple entertainment and some snacks.
Souvenirs are also here, of course.
That is, a purely entertainment corner for tourists, where buses stop so that passengers - tourists can go to the toilet, relax, straighten their legs, and, at the same time, take pictures among the colorful cowboy surroundings and buy souvenirs.



My husband decided to try his hand at throwing a lasso.
He did it well, in general, he is well-aimed, as a child he was engaged in archery.
It was necessary to throw a lasso over the head of a buffalo made of hay.


And here you could take part in a duel. The one that is always shown in westerns: who will shoot first.
A colorful grandfather commanded and was a second. A holster was attached to the side, it was necessary to grab a weapon from it and shoot.
I can't tell you in more detail about this attraction, because I looked a little, my husband was throwing a lasso at that time, and he did not participate here, so I did not really delve into the conditions either.
But it was funny, the fans from both sides were shouting something, cheering, and everyone was having fun.



We stayed here for about 30 minutes, then got on the bus and drove on.
The next post will definitely be the Grand Canyon itself. Because we didn't have any more stops on the way to it.


To be continued.
All photos and videos are copyrighted.

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