Kryptomon - Is the egg… moving?

By Cxsteam | Kryptomon | 28 May 2021

Hello trainers, welcome back to the wonderful world of Kryptomon. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out this article that’ll give you some context on all the interesting things that will be happening in Phase 0. 

As mentioned before in the Phase 0 article (which I’ll call the P0 article from now on), the Kryptomon roadmap is split into 3 phases and this article covers Phase 1 (P1). Because of our co-creation promise to you, it’s worth noting that the functionalities discussed in this article are not set in stone and might be subject to change, depending on the feedback we receive. 

From the P0 article, you’ll know that we intend to release batches of P1 functionality on the BSC testnet between Q2 and Q3, giving you a chance to test and offer your feedback and ideas on how the different functionalities can be improved. There’s quite a lot to cover so let’s get cracking!



Phase 1 — Releasing sometime in Q3 2021


When exactly in Q3?

We don’t know yet! It’ll be dependent on the tests we run on the testnet, and your feedback for each of them. While we’re just as eager to get Kryptomon into P1 as you are, we’d much rather take the time to ensure everything runs as it should instead of presenting you with a buggy product. 

In the meantime, make sure to follow us on Discord and Telegram so that you’re kept up to date with the latest news! 


Global Hatching Event

When P1 is deployed, there will be a countdown shared amongst all 10,000 trainers that were successful in getting an egg. Everyone will see their egg hatch at the same time globally, and this event will mark the official beginning of P1.




Since every Kryptomon will be procedurally generated, nobody will really know what what your Kryptomon will look like until then! It’s an exciting moment so make sure you show off your fancy new Kryptomon and tag us on social media for the world to admire. 


Caring for your Kryptomon

Once your Kryptomon hatches, you’ll need to start taking care of it right away. Depending on the different stats your Kryptomon has, you’ll have to learn what your Kryptomon likes and dislikes, and how often to give it attention. Just like a real pet, it might need to be fed often but is lazy, so forcing it to exercise too often might not be the most efficient way to train it!

To ensure that everyone can play this game equally, all actions related to caring for your Kryptomon (feeding, cuddling etc) will be free! In addition, after listening to the community’s worries, we’ve also decided to do away with the “death” mechanic of a Kryptomon. Failure to take care of your Kryptomon will result in it being “frozen” instead of dying forever, and you’ll still be able to “un-freeze” your Kryptomon for a yet-to-be-defined amount of KMON. 


Training your Kryptomon

To be the best Kryptomon trainer like no one ever was (ha! Pokemon pun), you’ll need to prepare for battle by training your Kryptomon. Again, without giving away too much information, the battle stats of your Kryptomon can be increased to its theoretical maximum with enough training, but! with several caveats.

Firstly, the strength of a Kryptomon is ultimately governed by it’s genes. A Kryptomon with a theoretical maximum of 30 attack will do less damage than another Kryptomon with a theoretical maximum of 50 attack IF both of them are trained to their maximum potential. 

We’re also introducing the concept of regression. Just like in real life, your muscles from going to the gym will start to get weaker if you go too long without exercising. We’re bringing this concept into Kryptomon where the stats gained from training will erode away and disappear if you don’t frequently train your Kryptomon. However, your stats will never go below it’s starting values. 

Finally, the social stats of a Kryptomon will also affect it’s training efficiency. Traits like Instinct and Smartness will boost the effects of training while Craziness or Ego will reduce it. This once again mirrors real life, where if you’re egoistic and underestimate your enemies, you won’t feel the need to train or work as hard. 



As mentioned before in the P0 article, once the first 10,000 eggs are created and airdropped to trainers, no more will ever be created. The only way to get a Kryptomon will be either to buy one from another trainer or breed. We’ve already started seeing some eagled eyed trainers on Discord ask a very good question — How would you breed Kryptomon at the start if everyone only has one?




The answer to that is a simple one — You breed with other trainers! We intend to have a “marketplace” of sorts where trainers can search for other Kryptomons to breed with. At it’s core, Kryptomon will be as much a social game as it is a battler, and no one person will ever be able to do everything. Form guilds, start a breeding company or just have a small group of friends to play together, your Kryptomon journey is one that’ll be more fun with friends along the way.

Another popular question we’ve been asked a lot is if Kryptomons will have a maximum limit to the number of times it can breed. The answer… is no! While your Kryptomon will be able to breed an infinite number of times, we had to balance this out by introducing the concept of age to your Kryptomon. 

Once again looking to real life as a guide, an older Kryptomon will not be as “active” as a younger one and have a longer cooldown in between periods of breeding. Imagine if a very old Kryptomon was only able to breed once a year? This is not necessarily a bad thing as it creates scarcity and leads to a situation where trainers of very strong Kryptomons with good genes can “auction” off the opportunity to breed with their Kryptomon in exchange for KMON!

I’m sure there are plenty more questions but the topic of breeding is a long one with many more interesting twists and turns, so we’ll stop here for now. More details will be released when the functionality is being tested on the testnet, so feel free to experiment more then!


Staking KMON

The final functionality of P1 is to avoid turning Kryptomon into a pay to win game. Various mechanisms have been put in place to ensure a rich whale doesn’t have an overwhelming advantage over regular players and staking is one example of this. 


By staking your KMON, you’ll be able to earn more KMON that can be used for other parts of the game. You’ll also be able to use your KMON to purchase items that can be used in battle (think Potions) and outside of battle (think Calcium from Pokemon). Every time an item is purchased, a portion of the KMON spent will be channeled towards the pool, ensuring that other KMON hodlers have an equal chance to enjoy the game without investing too much money. 


Ending note

P1 will truly mark the beginning of your Kryptomon journey, with plenty to do and experience. Will you be a trainer focused on training the strongest team in preparation for battles? Or will you look towards creating your own breeding company that provides Kryptomons with rare gene combinations to the highest bidder?

If you’re just as excited as we are, make sure to come join our Discord where you can help offer feedback on P1 functionality. After all, the faster we fix all the bugs, the earlier we can start P1!

See you in game, fellow trainer. 


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