Last Chance to Claim Your HYDRO (You must VERIFY your Liquid account)

By Krypton it's | Krypto | 14 Sep 2019



They have been overwhelmed with the incredible interest from the Vyper campaign they’ve run over the last couple weeks. If you've already signed up for Liquid, you still must VERIFY your account to receive your Hydro bonus.

Verify your account by clicking the "Upload Documents" button here:





If you haven’t signed up on Liquid yet, then register first here:

By signing up with this link and verifying your account, they will not only be able to deposit 5,000 HYDRO directly into your Liquid account, but they will be able to put you into the group of individuals to earn $200 in HYDRO and QASH tokens!

Register here for the referral rewards AFTER signing up on Liquid and Verifying your account at the links above.

If you don’t verify your account, you will not be able to participate in any of these awesome giveaways. If you’ve already signed up and completed verification, GREAT! They’ll have those tokens distributed directly onto your account when they distribute the tokens very soon.

Make sure to invite your friends and family to join this awesome initiative! If you have any questions about the verification process, make sure to reach out to the Liquid team with any questions. They’re happy to help:



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