Uber Shake Hands With Ripple’s Eye Baby MoneyGram!

By bulntsirinn | KriptoBulent | 27 May 2020

MoneyGram also benefits from Ripple's payment solutions, which it is a partner in digital money transfer services.


It was announced in a press release that an agreement was signed between Uber, California-based American international transportation company Uber and MoneyGram.

 The main reason for Ripple's partner MoneyGram to partner with Uber that serves millions of users in more than 80 countries worldwide is undoubtedly the coronavirus. Numerous promotional services are provided by many companies to reduce the worldwide adverse effects of a pandemic, or at least to encourage millions of people still in business. MoneyGram also announced that it has made a promotional agreement to support the Uber driver and courier, the number of which is close to 4 million.

It is known that most of the Uber drivers are people who migrate to different countries. This necessitates money transfers between countries. Uber employees who send a certain part of their earnings to their families and relatives (approximately 25 percent of Uber drivers in the USA) will have the opportunity to use MoneyGram at a discount for their digital money transfers to their relatives.

MoneyGram, which has been used in more than 200 countries for now and enables to transfer money much faster and cheaper than traditional banking transactions, also benefits from the payment solutions of Ripple, of which it is a partner.

Given that more than 14 million trips are made every day worldwide and Uber earns more than $ 10 billion a year thanks to these services, it would not be wrong to say that MoneyGram has made a smart partnership.

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