Blockchain will play an important role in virtual reality based social media 😃😄

Blockchain will play an important role in virtual reality based social media 😃😄

By bulntsirinn | KriptoBulent | 27 May 2020

Sensorium, blockchain and virtual reality based social media platform, joins Global Blockchain Business Council


The virtual reality media platform Sensorium announced that it is a member of the Swiss-based non-profit blockchain association Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC).

Sensorium will participate in GBBC's virtual forum to be held on May 28, and the company's technology manager Alex Blagirev will share his predictions about how virtual social media will change the way people interact.

Cointelegraph met with GBBC to discuss the intersection of social media and virtual reality (VR) and the role blockchain will play in the future of the industry.

DLT Will Protect Copyrights

The GBBC representative stated that the combination of VR and social media has already started to gain momentum and that major platforms such as Facebook "offer new ways for users to share and experience content".

"In this context, blockchain technology will play an important role in the creation of digital assets and the online virtual economy," the representative said.

"Moreover, blockchain technology can be used to protect ownership and copyright and create new advertising models in the virtual world."

Blockchain Can Eliminate Identity Theft

Sensorium CCO's Brian Kean addressed the security benefits of distributed ledger technology:

Identity theft, fake accounts, etc. All of that will be largely eliminated when the social-virtual world needs to verify their identity through blockchain.

Kean has announced that blockchain technology will also be used in "payments for third-party content created."

Sensorium to Participate in GBBC Activities

As a GBBC member, Sensorium will participate in the union's "aims to increase blockchain technology prevalence and educate regulators, policy makers and company leaders on the benefits of technology."

The two organizations were officially working together from GBBC's Blockchain Central Davos event.

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